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6 World Records Rutgers Students Have Probably Broken

Rutgers isn’t known for being number one in many things (we were number two in philosophy for a while there though). But that’s not number one, is it? Luckily, Rutgers has a lot of unique attributes, which granted us at least six world records, definitely recorded by Guinness.

6.) Most attempts at crossing the street while trying to avoid solicitors:
We might also have the largest number of solicitors, but the folks over at Guinness haven’t come over and conducted that study yet. By the time a Rutgers student becomes a senior, it’s reported that they have the ability to cross College Ave. 5,000 times in one minute. Their desire to avoid buying Rutgers t-shirts that should be free, literally anything from a frat, and donating to kids with cancer is strong enough to motivate this record-breaking, street-crossing behavior.

5.) Largest number of people offended on a public bus at once:
Rutgers may be home of the 2nd largest public transportation system in New Jersey, but it takes the cake for the sheer amount of people pissed off on a public bus at once. There’s just so much that’s grinding our gears! We have smelly people, people who play “RIP VINE” compilations out loud, people who shove their backpacks into the colleagues’ faces, and a whole lotta rage.

4.) Largest amount of school spirit for a losing team:
Rutgers sports teams ain’t shit, but people still show up at the football and basketball games, so school spirit must be alive and well. The energy of 3,000 Rutgers students cheering RU RAH RAH is unlike any other school. Guinness told us that our RU RAH RAH’s were so strong that they fell backwards. Then, their hands fell on their notebooks and immediately declared us the strongest school spirit army out there even though we lose so, so much.

3.) Most disgustingly creative sandwich-making:
Alright, so there’s probably more creative sandwich-making out there, with like olive mayo, and spices and shit. But gourmet restaurants would never consider replacing bread with the master of all bread: two slices of pizza, known as the Fat Zack at Nuebies. Then other Italian delicacies, such as mozzarella sticks, marinara sauce, and jalapeño poppers being stuffed inside for added record-breaking grossness.

2.) The most plastic water jugs carried on one street:
We once spotted 800 bros leaving CAG with plastic water jugs in tow. An added 200 were carrying a water jug in each hand, and a special 50 bros were carrying two in each hand with one hidden in their gym bag, just in case. They all looked “ultra-hydrated.” Those are Guinness’ words, not ours. These bros’ mission to hydration and fitness is inspiring and ~fun fact~ we actually beat Penn State in this competition.

1.) Highest amount of eye contact avoided at any university:
If there’s nowhere else to look, it’s Scarlet Knight tradition to look at the nearest Seeing Eye puppy because they’ve never sold anyone anything. Other types of eye contact to avoid are: The pasta lady’s loving smile, and literally anyone riding a bus. That’s awkward and interacting with another human would be silly. 

Now when your family asks you about your school over the holiday, you can tell them that your school is the best out there and that Scarlet pride will never die. Cause we’re really hydrated.

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