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NJ Legal Weed to Help RU Finally Become #1 Sexually Active School

In light of a study conducted by researchers from Stanford University, Rutgers students are determined to boost their sex life with weed. The study said that those who use pot are more likely to have sex, which made New Jersey’s upcoming legalization of marijuana a lot more relevant for Rutgers students.

Once governor-elect Phil Murphy officially takes office in January, he plans to legalize weed within his first 100 days. An unofficial organization on campus titled SUP (Society of Undergraduate Stoners) is thankful the new governor is focused on their needs.

“When Murphy legalizes weed, sure, fewer arrests will happen and state revenue increases, but dude, weed is an aphrodisiac—I’m gonna be sleeping with like 20 more people a semester,” said Chemistry major Harold Kumar, a new member of SUP.

Kumar is one of the many students at Rutgers excited about sexual activity on campus.

“We’re not number one in sports, we’re not the most diverse college and we’re not the biggest. But what we can be is the most sexually active college in the US. We’re so close already!” said senior Michelle Jones, treasurer of SUP.

Rutgers is second on the list of most sexually active campuses in America with an average of 9.33 partners per student. Jones plans to raise the average by growing cannabis plants in her off-campus apartment and resultantly, “have more chill sex”.

Jones also writes a blog about her sexual escapades which she one day hopes to turn into a graphic novel. Her blog includes 21 different sexual partners and is increasing.

Due to the campus-wide pledge to raise the average of sexual partners per student, Rutgers health centers are lengthening their hours to be available for STI testing. A request for a larger budget towards free condoms has been filed as well. 

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