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Rutgers Student Unknowingly Runs into Parents at Olde Queens Tavern

Rutgers School of Engineering junior, Matthew Browning, was caught lying to his parents about an evening of studying quietly in the library after accidentally running into them at Tumulty’s in New Brunswick.

“I’m so embarrassed,” said Browning. “My mom called me to see how I was doing, and I guess I just wanted to seem like I’m actually staying on top of my classes this semester. But this shit’s hard, okay?”

According to sources, the incident occurred around 7:45 p.m. when Browning’s parents entered the bar. Browning’s mother Dorothy was the first to notice that her son was pounding back drinks in the same establishment.

“I was just shocked,” said Dorothy Browning. “I turned to Bill, and I said, ‘Bill, isn’t that Matty over there?’”

“I honestly didn’t think it was him, he’s never really been that cool,” said Bill Browning, Matthew’s father. “He was drinking a Long Island, which was kind of disappointing.”

This incident is the third of similar allegations Rutgers University students have faced this month. One being School of Arts and Sciences senior, Derek Crestwell, who stunned a group of onlookers, including his parents, with a streaking challenge. Browning’s, however, is the first case in which a student was caught red handed.

“What a little punk,” Dorothy Browning said about the episode, “If he had just said, ‘Hey guys I’m going out tonight’ instead of lying about it, we might have sent him some money.”

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