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A Judgmental Map of San Francisco State University


Welcome to San Francisco State University, where everyone is constantly lost. Here’s to hoping that SF State will someday put up directional signs on campus… And also, if you’re living in the freshman dorms – welcome to hell. 


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The Village, The Towers, and the Marys:
Loud, crowded, and sometimes a little dirty, these on-campus housing options are usually packed with freshman hanging around The Village Market with their SFSU student IDs hanging around their necks, eating slices of $3 pizza and other snacks that are decidedly more overpriced than that. Aside from being expensive af, it is also the best place for any freshman or transfer to make new friends. You know what they say – misery loves company. It’s the kind of thing you think about if you’re starting college friendless.

Cesar Chavez Student Center:
After wandering around buildings that all look the same, the Cesar Chavez Student Center is a beacon of light, in all of its weirdly shaped and mural-covered glory. Cesar Chavez hosts many important places to know on campus – food court(s), club rooms, Rigoberta Menchu study hall, and the campus bookstore. Of course, everyone knows that the books at the bookstore are so overpriced, even the professors are angry about it. Yet we still buy them. Why? Because it’s a system. And we are sheep.

J Paul Leonard Library:
After cursing the bookstore for its cruel and unfair prices, we can go here and possibly grab the same book, for free. Why don’t more people do this? There’s Peet’s coffee and computer labs and LEVELS of floors to study on. Also, it faces the Quad (AKA “SF State Beach” on sunny days), so you can creep upon everyone out there from a comfy couch seat by the window on the 3rd floor. Paradise? Close enough.

At both the top and the bottom portions of this map, respectively, lie the technically “off-campus” student housing called University Park North (UPN) and University Park South (UPS). While it is all apartment/tiny townhouse style housing, there are still RAs and school rules that apply to you. Also, still expensive af. But what are you going to do? It’s San Francisco. It’s a great location for the upperclassmen who want to stay within walking distance to school but not live in the Freshman Territory – as well as for students who don’t want to live in the poorly managed/slightly terrifying area of Parkmerced.

Just all of the places to get coffee on campus:
In San Francisco we love our coffee, and SFSU is no different. We already mentioned Peet’s coffee in the library, but there is a shit ton of other places you can get coffee as well. Just for starters, there’s The Village Market, Café Rosso, Taza, SFSU Station, Café 101, HSS Café… Basically, anywhere you need it, you can find it. And there’s still always a huge line! We’re starting to think we have a problem.


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