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Top 10 Things Only SFSU Students Think Are Normal


It is an undeniable fact that college is a life-altering experience. And while we all may know what it’s like to come across gross dorm food or insane professors, there are some things here at SFSU that you just will not find at any other campus. Let us fill you in:


10.) The elevators in Humanities:
The Humanities building elevators are slow af and there’s always a huge crowd of people waiting for the elevator. When it finally arrives, you’ll be sandwiched so far in there that you’ll wish you’d taken the stairs. You might as well anyway, because it will be faster. And if you have class on the 4th or 5th floor… have fun with that.


9.) Being Lost All of the Time:
Imagine being that freshman on the first day of class, wandering around a bunch of buildings that look exactly the same, trying to find your 8 a.m. That was all of us. Somehow, it doesn’t really get any better as time goes on because even upperclassmen still get lost in Burk Hall. Didn’t you know? Knuth Hall is that one tiny concert hall buried deep in the poorly labeled halls of the Creative Arts building. Duh!


8.) Sky-high Dorm/Apartment Rent:
In San Francisco, it probably costs you $1 an hour to exist. Talk to anyone who lives on campus or anywhere in the city. Friends who go to school in other cities just don’t understand THAT THE HOUSING STRUGGLE IS REAL. You can live in a closet for $1000 a month, guys. One of our professors once joked that you can either live in San Francisco and waste your life away at three shitty part time jobs, or you can commute from the middle of Nowhereland and basically not exist. Either way, no one wins.


7.) Karl the Fog:
EVERYONE in San Francisco knows Karl the Fog, even if they don’t actually follow @karlthefog in the Twittersphere. Because let’s be real, fog is nothing new to anyone who has lived here. And if you are naturally as pale as the moon like I am, you know the struggle of paper-looking skin and a concerned mom constantly asking if you’re getting enough vitamin D. However, if you live under a rock at SFSU, Karl the Fog will provide you with daily reminders that today’s forecast is: foggy, forever and always. Thank you, Karl.


6.) The M Line:
The MUNI is a confusing mode of transportation if you’ve never used it before. But if you go to SFSU, the M line is your best friend. It’s super easy to get downtown and spend all of your money at the mall or on food that somehow tastes better in the city. There’s also a Pokéstop and a Gym for anyone who constantly hangs out at a MUNI stop and who strives to be the very best.


Also, it should be an unspoken rule to warn others about ticketing MUNI cops – be a pal. At least put it in the SF State Facebook group.


5.) Noise Complaints:
Speaking of cops, it’s not a SFSU party until the cops (or the RAs) come and tell you to shut the hell up. It doesn’t matter whether you live in the Marys, Towers, Village, UPN/UPS, or ParkMerced – they will come for you at some point or another, and you will receive a noise complaint. Honestly, it doesn’t even have to be a party. Maybe you were blasting music too loud by yourself because you’re just a little drunk and you miss the 90’s. Living in tight, cramped apartments with a billion residents, thin walls, and terrible plumbing is rough.


4.) Overabundance of Diverse Eateries:
Say anything you want about us, but SF State has a ton of options when it comes to food… like, almost too many. We have daily food trucks, Café Rosso, The Station Café, Taza, Peet’s, the HSS Café, and not to mention the international rainbow of restaurants in Caesar Chavez Student Center. All of the burritos, boba, pizza, sandwiches, and gyros you could ask for. And if that’s not enough for you, there is the Vista Room – a student-run restaurant located on the 4th floor of Burk Hall. It has 4 and a half stars on Yelp, y’all.


3.) 19th Avenue/Holloway Parking:
Parking in San Francisco sucks. But parking at SFSU is the worst. It is impossible to find parking near school after 10 a.m. And if you do, you have to move it every two hours because the ticket cops are annoyingly on their shit. The school’s parking garage is not much better… people get there at 7a.m. to secure a spot and it’s still a fight to the death. All’s fair in love and street parking.


2.) The Depot:
One of the cool things about SF State is the extremely open platform for artistic expression. The Depot in Caesar Chavez Student Center has open mic nights for everything from stand-up to improv, poetry slams, to music and social nights. Local bands play here sometimes. Students can mingle. There’s the school bar close by. It’s cool.


1.) The Shuttle Line on 19th Avenue:
The Daly City BART shuttle line is, in the least amount of words, a huge bitch. If you need to get somewhere fast, don’t try your luck here. The line gets so long, it sometimes reaches the pathway towards the HSS building. It’s not the shuttle’s fault, though – the shuttles themselves are pretty new and roomy, and they have comfortable seats. It definitely beats paying $2.25 to get knocked around by backpacks and groceries bags on the 28 bus. The BART shuttle is free! We love free things.


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