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California Chrome and Eva Longoria Expecting Centaur


Professional athlete and national sex symbol California Chrome may have officially broken the hearts of female fans all across the country: Actress Eva Longoria is pregnant with his baby, according to multiple reports.


The celebrity power-couple has yet to issue a public statement, but sonograms that allegedly depict the hoofed fetus within Longoria’s womb have exploded on social media. Top veterinarians have speculated that the child is a boy, and a source close to the couple says Chrome and Longoria are already picking out names accordingly.


“Eva is really pushing for Joshua or Thomas,” the source reported. “But Chrome isn’t having it. He has his heart set on ‘Hotep’s Amulet.’”


A friend of Longoria tells The Black Sheep that the baby’s name isn’t the only thing up for debate.


“California wants the baby to focus on sports, like his dad,” Longoria’s confidante said. “And Eva, of course, wants to get the baby into acting.”


Chrome and Longoria met in May when the actress requested to meet the athletes in the stables at the Kentucky Derby. They began dating almost immediately, and their whirlwind romance has been scrutinized from the get-go. Longoria, 39, is 36 years Chrome’s senior, and the couple’s age disparity has been a major sticking point for the American public. Chrome’s trainer, Art Sherman, is concerned about how fast the relationship is moving along. According to sources within Chrome’s stable, Sherman believes the thoroughbred has put himself out to stud too soon, and that the responsibilities of fatherhood will detract from his prestigious racing career.


Sherman may not approve of the couple’s timing, but a source close to Longoria says the Hollywood starlet is insisting he help with the foaling process.


“Art is one of the best in the business, and Eva wants him there in the stall to deliver the baby,” Longoria’s friend said. “She’s ready to roll around in the straw for as long as it takes, and she can’t wait to see her little boy get to his feet and take his first wobbly steps.”


Longoria, a serial dater of athletes, has been linked to Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez and was previously married to six-time National Basketball Association All-Star Tony Parker.


Chrome has dated famous mares and Hollywood starlets alike, including Strong Mandate, Anne Hathaway, Cameron Diaz and Black Caviar.


The couple is currently splitting their time between Chrome’s posh stables at Los Alamitos Race Course in Orange County and Longoria’s residence in Hollywood, but a member of Chrome’s camp tells The Black Sheep that the couple is looking to purchase “their dream home,”—a large estate with extensive grazing pastures perfect for a developing centaur.


Chrome and Longoria’s baby will be the latest centaur on the Hollywood playground, and is the most anticipated celebrity newborn since Jack Nicholson and Shamu brought mermaid Shelly Nicholson into the world in 1971.


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