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Clint Dempsey: I Believe That We Will Win, But I Don’t Believe in Evolution


A man’s got to have faith. Faith in his God. In his family. In his teammates and himself. A true-believer can overcome any obstacle. In the pit of my stomach, I believe this team, underdogs from the get-go, can defy the odds and win the World Cup. But, I don’t believe that the human race evolved from monkeys.

We’ve played some of the best teams in the world, and we have prevailed. We have emerged from the group of death hungrier and more competitive than ever before. Of that I am certain. However, I’m also certain that we as a species emerged from the Garden of Eden 6,000 years ago, shortly after the earth was created.

Even when faced with our success, the rest of the world doubts us. They know we’ve gone toe-to-toe with the best, yet they nod their heads in unison when the experts say we don’t have a chance. And although it’s common knowledge that the pseudoscience of carbon dating is based on the assumption that radiocarbon is uniformly distributed throughout earth’s atmosphere, they believe the “experts” when they say with absolute certainty that the earth is 4 billion years old.

Did you know that the “experts” carbon dated a freshly killed seal to be 1,300 years old? How old would that make Coach Klinsmann?!


Just as God has a plan for each and every one of us, so too does Jurgen Klinsmann have a plan to lead us to World Cup victory. The pitch is a chaotic place, and Klinsmann’s game plan is designed to create order and establish control with sound dribbling, fundamental defense and timely passing. Similarly, the cosmos is a chaotic place. But, without a guiding hand, there can be no hope for universal order. The second law of thermodynamics, one of the sturdiest pillars of modern science, dictates that entropy, or disorder, can never decrease without intelligent intervention. And since macroevolution is based on increasing complexity, it flies directly in the face of proven science.

Seeing is believing. Indeed, the Scientific Method is based on direct observation. And on June 16, 18.22 million people tuned into ESPN and witnessed something incredible. With their own eyes, they saw the United States Men’s National Team upset Ghana 2-1. They saw a group of inspired men vanquish the very same opponent that had knocked America out of the last two World Cups. Yet, none of these people, not one in 18.22 million, has ever observed concrete scientific evidence supporting evolution. In fact, despite decades of extensive genome manipulation, no one on earth has ever witnessed the creation of a “fitter” animal, let alone a never-before-seen species.

If the world wants an example of well-documented evolution, they can look to the United States Men’s National Team. I believe we have made the transition from mediocre football club to top-tier contender. This didn’t happen overnight. With each workout, practice and game our team developed incrementally into what you see today. And our record reflected this progress each step of the way, which is a lot more than I can say for another record, an egregiously incomplete record, that misguided scientists often use as evidence for evolutionary theology. Of course, I’m talking about the fossil record. If evolution is a constant process, where, Mr. Darwin, are your transitional animals? Where are your missing links?

Feathered dinosaurs? What a crock of shit.


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