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8 Snapchats To Send To Your UVbae This V-Day


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and some people just don’t know how to take a hint these days. If your guy or gal isn’t taking the hint, try out these totally discrete, subliminal messages via Snapchat. You’re guaranteed to trick your bae into giving you whatever Valentine’s Day “gift” you really want.





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The College Inn sure does have a really good deal going on for Valentine’s Day. Snapchat this to your bae and you’ll both be eating good this V-Day weekend.




So you may not have gotten accepted into a secret society, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep a secret. Discretely advertise your potential as a “pIMP” to your potential Valentines on Snapchat. They’ll definitely want in on the “deal.”




Ugh. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and your mailbox is still empty. WTF! The last of your textbooks came in last week, but you’re still going to keep checking just in case someone other than mom wants to send you a surprise care package. This advertising is the perfect way to get Ben from history class to send you a quick V-Day gift. Perhaps a poem? Or a tiny puppy? You aren’t picky.




Would you look at that? CVS on The Corner just so happens to sell your favorite candy for Valentine’s Day. This is pertinent information for all of your hottie followers to know! Maybe you’ll arrive to discussion with a cute array of confections on your desk. Candy hearts arranged to say “Cum 2 my d8 function?” or “Ur Cute?” Does it get any more romantic?




This weekend provides a great opportunity to lay down more than just “wisdom” in Alderman stacks. You better hope it’s not crowded. Unless you’re into that kind of stuff. It would be best to send this to someone who hasn’t accomplished a quickie in the stacks yet. It’s on the unofficial graduation bucket list, so you’re bound to find a willing participant.  





This is for when bae won’t quit dragging things out. You’ve danced together at Trinity three whole times and they still haven’t proposed to you by writing on Beta Bridge? What does a girl have to do these days?!




If you’re feeling a little lonely this Valentine’s Day, and random YikYak hookups aren’t pulling through for you, then maybe try this direct approach. All your Snapchat friends are frustrated by this constant construction too, so why not capitalize on the frustration and make a sub-par pun that will potentially leave open a window for you to get laid? One of your top friends is bound to have some spare “tools” laying around.




You know what? Who needs a Valentine when “Me” is so sweet to “Me”? Buy yourself all the really sweet V-Day cards, and then if you actually do have a bae next year (not likely), you can repurpose them. Besides, they say you have to love yourself before anyone else can love you. This is just the first step to finding happiness. 


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