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Which Came First, The Hookup Or The Title? A Real Look At College Dating

College dating: It ain’t what it used to be. Between casual hook-ups becoming the norm and modern technology, dating has truly become a nonsensical clusterfuck of chaos. Intrigued? Sit back, crack open your finest cheap beer, and warm up your highest quality frozen pizza as The Black Sheep attempts to make sense of this completely fucked world of college romance:


FOMO: Everyone has a commitment issue these days. Are some of these issues valid? Yes. Are other issues simply caused by FOMO? Yes. Many people are afraid of being “tied down” because this is college and now is the time to be young, wild and free and fuck things that will bring you a new kind of happiness and give you stability.


It’s so easy to have an abundance of dating options in present day college that many people get major FOMO about missing out on hot, iconic college hookups, or having the freedom to do whatever you want with whoever you want at parties. Essentially, college dating has evolved into a hookup culture due to commitment issues rooted in FOMO. Now that’s science.


The “I Care Less” Game: Two people have feelings for each other. They have great sex. They’ve gone on a few great dates. They’re most likely heading in the direction of becoming an item now, right? Wrong. You both have to act like you don’t care, so you can never move forward…college kids are so #cool sometimes.


College dating has become a game of acting like you don’t care in order to keep the other person interested. It definitely makes sense. Why be real and genuine when you can be calculated and fake?


The Grey Area: This is the purgatory of the dating world. You don’t know what you two are, or if they’re also getting laid by someone else, and you sure as hell aren’t going to be the one to bring it up. Talking about commitment might fuck things up completely (due to FOMO, as we learned earlier. You’ve been taking notes on this shit, right?)


Eventually, you two will probably decide to be exclusive, but not put a label on it. You’re “just seeing each other”, even though this person is doing everything a boyfriend or girlfriend does. But don’t put a label on it yet, because putting a label on this exclusive thing changes virtually nothing except for knowing how to introduce this person to your friends, so like WHOAH clearly labels are just a lot and moving too fast when you’re already committed to each other.


Just take a step out of the regular grey area and into this darker grey area, where you’ll need to have another super fun discussion about labeling things a few weeks or months down the road. How enjoyable.


BUT WAIT DATING CAN BE THE BEST: There’s been a lot of shade thrown at college dating in this article. This is what the norm for dating has become, but it doesn’t have to be like this. Remember, my horny little friends, YOU are the one who shapes your college dating experience. Want to go out on dates and avoid the hookup culture? Do that. Want to get laid by someone different each night and have a perfect month? Do it.


You are in charge of your own love life. Dating can either stress you out or make the world seem infinitely more vibrant. But no matter who you are—guy or girl, looking for love or looking for a hookup—be a real human with whoever you’re pursuing. And for everyone’s sake, stay the fuck out of that damned grey area.

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