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Five People You Met At Last Night’s Super Bowl Party in Columbia



Though the Panthers didn’t make it anywhere near the Super Bowl this year, we still love a good excuse to drink all day on a Sunday and eat things with a lot of cream cheese. But chances are you were surrounded by lots of different people last night, and we’ve got all of the types of South Carolina students that showed up to watch the game last night.


5.) The Non-Football Fan:
This individual is more likely focused on the commercials and halftime show rather than the game. You know that this person isn’t a football fan, and will try to make up for that by yammering on about anything but the game. For example, this person probably assigned erotic qualities to the players’ tight pants, and/or the quarterback’s snap behind center.

4.) The Drink/Food Fiend:
This person came for one reason and one reason alone: to stuff his or her face with food and to drink all of the alcohol in sight. Most likely they started out like a hungry, hungry hippo and ate plate after plate then became a sailor and started to pound so many drinks that they started to say offensive things like “this isn’t real football.”

3.) The Bitter Panthers Fan:
This is an interesting case for a Super Bowl party. Hating everything Atlanta, but also anything that involves Tom Brady, this person probably screamed at the TV in hopes that they could affect the game from their couch. At least they were impartial in their hatred.

2.) The Bandwagon Fan
The most insufferable kind of fan to ever grace a Super Bowl party. These individuals are probably Patriots “fans” but probably put a Falcons jersey in their Amazon cart, just in case their “true” fandom in case other events happened. This person is also probably a Clemson, Cubs, Cavalier, and Trump fan as well.

1.) The True Fan
These are the people who make football worthwhile. They came to party, dressed in their team’s colors and actually focused on the game. They talked as if they were the head coach and some got a little a heated and maybe threw their hat on the ground when they believed there was a bad call. But no matter if they win or lose, at the end of the day they are still rooting for their team.


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