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South Carolina Sorority in Hot Water for Donald Trump Bid Day Theme

Sorority recruitment: a week-long event full of screaming, clapping and girl-on-girl speed dating. A process full of its ups and downs, like a roller coaster of emotion, with ten times the amount of screaming, culminating in the final event known as Bid Day.

“Bid Day is like Christmas except the presents are girls… but they’re wrapped in new t-shirts not wrapping paper that would be weird, unless it’s a Christmas theme that year which would be super cute,” stated sophomore sorority sister Heather Campbell.

Each year every fresh-faced freshman crams into the Colonial Life Arena to have their social fate for the next four years hand delivered in the form of a t-shirt. Historically, Bid Day is met with overwhelming excitement on behalf of the recruits, but the new sisters of Delta Theta were alarmed by their sorority’s unconventional choice of Bid Day theme.

“Usually the themes are fun and cute like ‘safari’ or ‘pirates’ but this year got a little…political,” new recruit Shanda Times confusingly noted.

The girls began to unveil their t-shirts finding colorful tees with the typical whimsical themes. But the girls joining the Delta Theta sorority were in for a different type of theme that came as quite a surprise to many. Holding their shirts up to the light of day they were shocked to read: “Make Delta Theta Great Again.”

“I’m not really sure why everyone is so like up in arms about the Donald Trump theme. When I saw the t-shirt I was just like glad I was in Delta Theta because I am way too pretty to be in a bad sorority so I didn’t even care about the theme,” said freshman Sarah Simmons. 

Both students and professors alike were upset with the choice of theme. The bags that were provided to the new sisters included a Trump wig, a fanny pack filled with gold coin candy and DVD collection of seasons 1 and 2 of The Apprentice.

“I was so excited to put on my t-shirt and wig and run to Delta Theta. As I ran the wig started to fly off but it just made me look more like Donald Trump!” said enthusiastic new sister Ivanka Henley.

The most controversial aspect of the theme, according to most, was the fake wall that the sorority erected around their section of the Colonial Life Arena. Even more controversially, the sorority sisters cheered and clapped inside their wall, while other sorority sisters donned sombreros and were denied entry into the walled-off section.

“I just thought it was a fun theme that allowed the sisters to all wear fun outfits, like cut-off suits and gold face paint. We were just being funny and having fun which represents our sisterhood. I don’t see what the big deal is …Yeah I’m voting for Trump what does that have to do with anything?” said the sorority President Jessica Jessup.

“I’m just glad it wasn’t a Hillary Clinton theme,” Jessup continued “because have you ever tried sorority squatting in a pantsuit?”


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