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Thomas Cooper Fountain To Receive Lifeguard In Anticipation for This Weekend



In an email to the Student Body, University of South Carolina President Harris Pastides announced the fountain in front of Thomas Cooper Library will now be monitored by lifeguards. This move was reportedly made in anticipation of the mass of students set to swim in the fountain after the Final Four on Saturday.


“We just want to see our students celebrate safely,” said President Pastides. “Also, it’s getting pretty hot right out there so now’s the time to get that sweet tan you’ve always wanted, and where better than our public fountain?”


“I’m glad we’ll finally have someone watching out for us while we splash around in the T-Coop Fountain,” said Senior Allison Williams. “Hey— do you think they’re going to chlorinate it?”


Head Lifeguard, Bryce Adams, has preemptively sent out a list of fountain rules:


  1. Wait 40 Minutes After You Eat Before Swimming
  2. No Diving
  3. Beer Totally Cool
  4. Don’t Break the Seal in the Fountain
  5. Go Cocks





WATCH: As the Final Four begins, here’s what the Pac 12 is talking about:



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