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5 Disgusting Displays of Love Gamecocks Showed This Valentine’s Day



Love is in the air at USC and Cupid has once again struck the lovers on campus. Guys and girls asking out their crush for their first date and couples who have been together longer have exchanged gifts to express how much they love one another. There’s one word to describe all this— disgusting. These are the five most disgusting things we saw this Valentine’s Day:

5.) Couples Taking Pictures With Cocky:
Cocky is an interesting mascot. Generally, actual roosters are assholes if you get near them, so it’s nice to see a friendly one once in awhile. But what is it with couples and wanting to take a picture with him? Does he have some sort of sex appeal? I get that the word ‘cock’ is in his name, but the only person that word would turn on is a nymphomaniac.

4.) Couples Exchanging Gamecock-Related Gifts:
Not all couples do this, but to the few who do, please stop. In what way, in your weird little relationship, does a rooster on teddy bear scream take me now?.  Step up your romantic game, you go to a school where this stuff is readily available, it’s not like these are extremely rare collectibles. Chances are you already have a room full of stuff with gamecocks on it.


3.) Dates Going to The Top of Carolina for Dinner:
The Top of Carolina has some exceptional food, there’s no denying that, and being exceptional means it costs a bit more, but is it worth it? To pay all that money to go to a restaurant that looks directly at, you guessed it, the school you go to every day. Should’ve taken them to Russell House, because no matter if you’re in the air or on the ground, the campus is the same.

2.) Going On a Date in Five Points:
The Top of Carolina is miles ahead of going to Five Points on a romantic date. While it is a change of scenery there’s nothing romantic about the place you and your friends got sloshed at not even a full week ago. Plus, Five Points is nothing but college kids getting trashed, take your date somewhere classy like Main Street. Hell, McDonald’s is a step above Five Points.

1.) Taking Professional Couples Photo on The Horseshoe:
This is something not only dating couples do, but married couples do too. But hiring someone to take a photo of you and your loved one is just so damn cheesy. The Horseshoe is such an overused location— not only photos, but it’s where dogs shit, people sunbathe, and homeless people have sex at night. Why not take the picture where you two met, you know, be romantic? If you met on the Horseshoe, pick somewhere else.




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