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USC vs. USC: Top 5 Reasons SoCar is Better than SoCal


A debate has raged since the dawn of time (or at least 1880)— which USC is the real USC? This naming debacle caused enough mild inconvenience to inspire a court case about it in 2010. But despite what some biased court believes, there is only true USC and it’s surrounded by palm trees, sun, and southern hospitality, not smog and the most congested city in America.


5.) The Location and People:
The Trojans call Los Angeles their home, a city filled with more plastic implants than people and weather that is just the same year ‘round. And the ‘City of Angels?’ Bullshit. The attitudes of the people in Los Angeles would send the Devil running; everyone’s trying to climb the ladder to fame and fortune and would do anything to get there. Columbia is interesting in terms of weather, there’s so much variety. You can experience all four seasons within one week. The people are kind, they take things slow because they’re in no rush and wouldn’t mind helping you out.


4.) The Entertainment:
Give it to SoCal, they can bring in some big names. A variety of celebrities, like Snoop Dogg and Leonardo DiCaprio, are big Trojans fans. These celebrities give back to the school by teaching a class, putting on a concert, or giving a speech. But the fact that SoCar has to dig to find new entertainers or those not so well known is a good thing. This way you actually have to learn about who’s performing rather than just knowing who they are. We find the up and comers, we see the next big star making. Nobody knew Darius Rucker was going to be a star, but look at him now.


3.) The Campuses:
SoCar has a beautiful and historic campus that was established only a short time after America was born and survived the Civil War, even when Columbia was burning. What has SoCal been through? Probably a rainy day. Plus there’s not just one SoCar, we have a family of campuses that spread from the beaches to the upstate because we believe everyone deserves our world-class education.


2.) Athletics:
The Trojans have won championships and you know what that makes them? Predictable. It’s no fun when you win all the time. But when an underdog comes up and becomes good it is phenomenal. A few years ago, everyone was crazy about Gamecock football because we were pretty good. Now look at our basketball team, those same few years ago no one gave a damn about Gamecock basketball. Now people can’t keep their pants on we’re so good.


1.) Our Mascot and Colors:
Cocky is unique no one can deny that. He’s so unique he’s been featured and won the national mascot contest. Plus we have a live mascot, how many live Trojans does SoCal have? Zero. Then there are our colors, very few teams are brave enough to choose black as a primary color. SoCal uses gold as one of their primary colors. Do you know how many other schools in California use gold? Almost every single damn one of them.




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