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Breaking: Hoos Snubbed by Selection Sunday Committee

Well, a committee of 52 Oz-like wizards have assigned us an arbitrary number meant to singlehandedly decide the future of all of Virginia Sports. We’re serious, there is a lot riding on this. It’s not like we have much football standing, so we have to put every ounce of our faith into basketball. But our bracket has negatives and positives, here’s a breakdown of both:


The Negatives:


No. 2 seed, yeah right
We understand the selection committee’s argument. Focus on the conference tournaments, but turning a blind eye to the extent of the Cavalier season not only robs us of a No. 1 seed, but it also gives Duke the false optimism. They don’t really deserve the top line spot. Do the Blue Devils have a conference title? No. They do not. And they’re going to get coal for Christmas.


Michigan Who? Michigan State
Not only did our spot get stolen by the Blue Devils, the selection committee pitted us against Michigan State. Well, isn’t that a nice surprise. It’s so great of them to give the Spartans a No. 7 seed when they probably should have been a No. 5 seed. Now, we really have no choice to believe that this wasn’t a set up. Michigan State, it’s a trap!  


Don’t even get us started on how the Cavs are more deserving than the badgers. We have one word, “Rutgers.”


The Positives:


No. 2 seed, yeah we’re back to this
Really, this is fifty shades of less than ideal. However, playing a No. 3 team in the Sweet Sixteen rather than a No. 4 team is not the apocalypse. We believe in Tony and Justin Anderson. Being No. 2 when we should be No. 1 is better than the reverse. No, it’ll just make the sixteen that much sweeter when we get to prove the selection committee wrong.


When the Spartans knocked the Hoos out of the tournament last year, all of Albemarle County cried. And ever since then, Tony Bennett has been itching for a rematch. Now he gets one, lucky us. How does the saying go? “Beat us once, good for you. Beat us twice, that shit is not happening.”


Does it really matter?
When you get to the kernel of the popcorn, all Virginia has to do is win games. The Hoos have experience in this area.


Although it may seem like there was some definite UVa snubbing with the selection committee, we know the Hoos will make the best of it and give us one hell of a March. The selection committee can take their inferiority complexes to Congress.

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