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Tech’s First Game against W&M: A Huge Challenge

This Saturday marks Virginia Tech’s first football game of the season against the legendary William & Mary. Guaranteed to be a nail-bitingly good game, this weekend’s event could not have showcased two more evenly matched teams. It won’t be easy for the Hokies to pull out a win against the talented Tribe.


“They just put so much time, money, and effort into the football here. Like, we don’t even really have classes,” an anonymous student from the challenging school told The Black Sheep. “William & Mary has a phenomenal football program, like ESPN has us, uh, ranked on the list, you know?” he asked, before asserting he was a freshman and not W&M Head Coach Jimmy Laycock in overalls and a old-timey wig because “That’d be as absurd as this giant lollypop I’m holding!”


So, what W&M lacks in academic competency, it makes up with athletic success. As the school’s top priority, the flourishing athletic department continues to draw the attention of student athletes all over the country. One W&M football player, who previously “played on a high school team in Alabama,” briefly described a recent experience with the university.


“Yeah, I totally got a full ride to play football for Alabama and I thought that was cool. But when William & Mary offered me a spot on their team, I just couldn’t refuse!” 


The Tribe is clearly the team to beat in 2014. It has even been rumored that the famous Tom Brady might be leaving New England to coach and/or play for W&M. We can neither confirm nor deny this speculation, but it certainly makes us wonder: Can a college football team reach such legendary status?


Whatever the future holds for William & Mary football, Tech will definitely need to bring its A-game on Saturday. We’re expecting a great game and we’re excited to see it as the first of the season. The only better football team we could think of playing is VCU’s. But we wouldn’t want to be annihilated, now would we? 

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