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The Best of ESPN Gameday Signs


Many of you spent hours trying to think of the perfect zinger for your sign for Gameday this past weekend. ESPN will inevitably be back in the near future, because UVa is the best and they’ve admitted it, so don’t get caught without a sign next time. Hoos can be smart and still be funny! Take lessons from these guys, though; they obviously know what they’re doing.


“Nothing but [Ben]net[t]”:




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You can never ever go wrong referencing the heartthrob of a coach we have here. You don’t even really need words if you have a shot of that gorgeous face. A picture is worth a thousand words anyway, right? And let’s be real, we need nothing but Bennett to know we chose the right school.


“That’s why their hair is so big; it’s full of secrets”:




SECRETS ABOUT HOW TO KICK UNC’S HINEY! When the boys started out with a rough season, everyone thought their new luscious locks could be to blame, but it looks like they were the key to success all along. Whatever secrets their hair is keeping are fine by us. Lock away the scissors and throw away the key.


“My Mama Don’t Like (U)NC and She Likes Everyone”:




The Black Sheep would like to make an important editor’s note that a boy held this sign. All you haters out there need to embrace The Bieb like this kid; he’s not just for 12-year-old girls anymore. And any singer whose mama doesn’t like UNC is a singer you should be a fan of. Are we right, or are we right?


“UNC was my safety school”:




There were many signs with this saying, but that just goes to show how many people made the smart choice. Basketball games decide which schools are best in all fields, especially academic. Good things these kids didn’t have to rely on UNC to shape the reputation of their college education.


“Your state is upside down”:




This one gets acknowledged for sheer creativity. Who else has ever noticed this? Maybe we’re the only ones that haven’t, and then this would be awkward. Still, good job to the creator, though.


“got malc?”:




Ugh, don’t you wish? Yeah we get to have Malcolm on our team, but man everyone wished they would have been able to conduct the pre-game interviews with him. Instead of “what’s your favorite class?” and “what’s the hardest part of living on the Lawn?” we could have asked, “what’s your phone number?” and “are you free next Saturday night?”


“This sign is a UNC player’s senior thesis”:




Gameday wouldn’t have been complete without a dig at UNC’s lack of real classes. Meanwhile, we have basketball players living on the Lawn for their incredible achievements. But hey, ball is life after all.


“And the winner is UNC” –Steve Harvey:




There was no better way to end this than with complete absurdity. Thank you, Steve Harvey, for correcting yourself promptly after we stomped those Tar Heels straight into that acrylic-coated court. Better luck next time, UNC.

(But actually, please crush Duke next week. At their home court. Live on ESPN Gameday. No hard feelings.)

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