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We Lost Perrantes, but Destroyed the Seminoles Anyway

If the Oscar red carpet distracted you from the Cavalier basketball game Sunday night, we don’t blame you. The Hoos are on fire. They make winning look like a walk in the park. In fact, ESPN recently decided that the Cavaliers are too good at winning, and it’s literally setting an unfortunate history for the future of college basketball. Unfortunately for ESPN, The Black Sheep, and all the rest of the casual fans out there are still interested in watching the Cavaliers take over the basketball-encompassing world. Here’s what you missed from last night’s game against Florida State.


The first half of the game included the Cavaliers expecting an easy win. Florida State has been giving basketball “the old college try,” but they’re not on the Wiz Khalifa level that the Cavaliers are shooting from. As the Seminoles entered JPJ, it was clear from the look on their faces that they were flashing back to their two-game winning streak, hoping to make a third. The Cavaliers showed no mercy in the first half; quickly obtaining an early lead, to no one’s surprise, but the Seminoles.


The talk of the town, however, was not beautiful strategy of the Cavaliers, but the literal head-butt collision that occurred between London Perrantes and Malcolm Brogdon. The two collided as hard as the two bulls in the Red Bull logo with almost a full second half left on the clock. Perrantes and Brogdon both left the court to receive medical attention and it is unclear at this time whether Perrantes will be playing Wednesday because of a broken nose. Last time we checked, this was basketball, not hockey.


Other than the head-butt heard round the world, the Cavaliers made a show of not letting FSU score, pretty much ever. At one point in the second half we saw them miss 12 consecutive shots and multiple instances throughout the game in which there were 5-8 minute stretches where the Seminoles seemed unable to find the basket. Towards the end of the second half when the Cavaliers were only up by two and Perrantes was still out of the game, it wasn’t cute anymore.


The Black Sheep would never ever use a personal injury to make light of a situation but our theory is that Tony Bennett staged the entire collision as a response to the ESPN attack on Virginia’s playing style. They said he’s boring and that Virginia plays dirty. We give you an entertaining NASCAR-esque collision and a dirty play involving two of our own. That’ll show ‘em, Tony.


Despite the controversy we just created regarding accident vs. intent in what we’re deeming “The Great Collide,” one thing is abundantly clear. We can lose two of our starters halfway through the game and still manage to win. Bring it on, March Madness.


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