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Creating a The Black Sheep chapter at your school provides the opportunity to create something that will live on long after your days of debauchery are in the books. A fully-staffed branch runs on three main components: editorial, social, and video. Mastering all of these and running a well-oiled machine of humorous, dedicated people is integral to The Black Sheep thriving on your college campus.

You’ll start your journey of becoming your school’s Content Team Manager by either initially becoming: 1.) a Video Production Manager (VPM) or 2.) a Social Media Manager (SMM), working to produce funny and school-related content through either of those two mediums.

From there, you’ll be asked to build your team, which could be a team of like-minded friends, classmates, or other people on campus who you’ve noticed also have a passion for dick jokes, bitching about the school’s parking enforcement, and knowing what crazy shit happened over the weekend. Over time, you’ll build out an editorial, social media, and video department on your campus.

Our CTMs have gone on to do great things past graduation (we’re too humble to name drop, but ask us and we’ll tell you). To start a branch of The Black Sheep, you’ll need to have the motivational spirit of an entrepreneur, a journalist’s nose for what’s buzzworthy, and the razor-sharp wit of a comedian.

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You know that feeling when you ace a test, sink the last shot in beer pong or get to play with a puppy? Launching The Black Sheep at your campus feels like all of those at the same time.

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