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5 Other Ways Syracuse Beat Clemson, Besides the Score

Syracuse beat Clemson in ways most college football fans never thought possible. In a 27-24 win against last year’s National Champs, ‘Cuse overcame Clemson in one of the most exciting games witnessed in a long time, but even more so than just the score itself. Here, the five other ways ‘Cuse beat Clemson on things besides just the score: 

5.) Syracuse fans look better in orange:
The interesting thing about going to school where the sun seldom shines is that students at Syracuse are an elite shade of pale. We’re talkin’ like, “Is that a piece of 8.5′ x 11′ college ruled paper or is that a Syracuse student?” The advantage to this is that Syracuse peeps don’t look like a Crayola Crayon when they throw on their orange gear. Ha! Gotcha, Clemson. Have fun looking like a tan idiot.

4.) Dino BBQ babers:
Named after Syracuse’s most mouthwatering barbecue destination, Dino Babers has a name that no Clemson coach can beat. Yeah, okay, maybe the name “Dabo Swinney” comes close, but it also sounds like made-up name to describe a gunslinging, racist character from an early Mark Twain novel that only drinks iced tea from a tin can.

3.) Our Marshall Street selection:
Okay Clemson, enjoy being skinny Southerners while we enjoy our Calios horse meat calzone at 3 a.m. Pretty sure the Clemson equivalent of Marshall Street is just a few different restaurants selling corn prepared in different ways. Creamed, cobbed, or loose? We’ll stick to the horsemeat, thanks! 

2.) Otto vs. that boring-ass tiger:
We’ve seen SU students with a serious case of the mumps that have more energy than that godforsaken forest cat. Otto wins on pretty much every level, running around with a flag of himself, doing tricks, dancing, posing for pictures. Meanwhile, the tiger is recovering from just being neutered.

1.) The fan section:
Not sure if Clemson fans just had their panties in a knot or if they are always that quiet, but we needed an EVP recorder to even hear a peep from the opponent’s section. They probably were too busy fearing for the life of their massive domestic pet and were unable to give a hoot about their football team. Sad!

There’s no doubt about it that Syracuse beat Clemson on so many different levels. Beating the No. 2 team by three points was just the icing on the horsemeat cake.


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