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7 Ways To Avoid #TotesLiterallyDying During Syracuse Midterm Week

It’s that time of the year again! Your midterms are coming up and you’ve been considering dropping out and becoming a stripper now more than ever. You don’t have to take your clothes off though! Here are just a few ways that you can avoid #literallydying during midterm week!

7.) Yoga:

When you’re feeling down, the perfect pick-me-up is a good evening yoga sesh. It’s a good way to get active while you nama-stay where you are! Just face your totally unique mandala tapestry (or your roommate’s) and start off slow with a downward dog. Wait, you can’t do a downward dog? When was the last time you got some exercise in? Okay, you’ve been busy so that’s understandable. Maybe doing something that gets your heart pumping a little more than yoga will do the trick!

6.) Take a walk:

You don’t need to head to the gym to get a good workout in! If yoga isn’t your thing, take a nice stroll through college town. It’s a good opportunity to clear your head while you get some cardio in. Don’t be distracted by your drunk peers bumping into you. If you think about it, though, it’s a Tuesday night. Why are so many people plastered? Are you the only person on campus with midterms? That girl stumbling across the street is definitely in your class. Now you’re thinking about midterms again. Maybe getting active wasn’t a good idea. Just go back and do something else.

5.) Watch some TV:

You’re in college. When has healthy living ever been a concern? It’s okay to move away from the whole exercise thing and just kick back in front of the TV. The news is on! And the president is throwing paper towels at hurricane victims. Alrighty, then. Maybe it’s time to move away from that. Yeah, just turn it off. Okay, next!

4.) Bake:

Baking is a great stress reliever. You get to work towards and accomplish a goal, which is always a good thing. Plus, you get to #treatyoself with your delicious creation! Okay, start off with the basic ingredients like milk … what the fuck? You’ve been telling your roommate to pick up milk for weeks now. Can they do anything? Was it even a good idea to room with them. They seemed cool at first but it’s been impossible lately. You’re getting off track. You don’t need more stress, you need less. Thanks to your roommate, the place is a mess. Maybe some cleaning will help.

3.) Do some cleaning:

God, it’s worse than you thought. How long has that been there? Just give up. Your room reeks, by the way. Do you think there’s any way you can fix that?

2.) Light some candles:

Yeah, this odor calls for you to take out those scented candles your parents got you thinking it’s the only thing you were going to light up in your room. There’s a correlation between aromas and positive emotions or at least that’s what you think you remember from one of the few times you showed up to your psychology lecture. Just lay back, close your eyes and take it in. There’s nothing like the smell of lavender. That candle sure is hot. Wow, it’s really heating up. Shit your room is on fire. Your room is on fire. You were always talking during fire drills. What are you going to do?

1.) Cry in the charred remains of your room:

You tried and you failed. Your room might have gone down in flames, but you can’t. Go ahead and succumb to crying in the ashes of your room, and then get back to studying. Nobody ever said college was going to be easy.


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