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5 Reasons Syracuse is Still Better Than Duke, Other Than Basketball

Okay, ‘Cuse lost on Friday. DON’T RUB IT IN. But most people are in agreement that beating Michigan State was a feat in itself, and making it to the Sweet Sixteen is nothing to be glum about! However, off the basketball court, it is important to recognize that we are still better than Duke. The Black Sheep has compiled a hefty list of reasons why that’s so. 

5.) The climate: 
Who wants to go to school where it’s actually warm? You know? Imagine how awful it would be to walk to class in a temperature that was… above freezing. That would literally be unbearable! Above all, what do they have to talk about to each other down there if there’s no snow on the ground? How do they have competitions to see who fell harder on their version of a promenade? That must suck.

4.) The mascot:
Ellen DeGeneres said that she never trusts a devil, and if our president says that, then we should all agree. We’d rather bite into a nice, ripe orange any day rather than a ripe devil!



3.) The school colors:
Blue is the color of sadness. Think “Sadness” from the hit Pixar animated film Inside Out (written by a Syracuse grad, but who’s counting?). Anyway, Sadness is blue. You know what isn’t sad? You guessed it—orange.

2.) The status of “wannabe”:
Something SU pride’s itself on is our individualistic nature. Like, hell yeah, we are isolated in Central New York and we are proud of it! Hell yeah, it’s fucking cold here! Duke is too busy trying hard to be an Ivy League that they can’t seem to focus on anything else.

1.) The lack of tripping:
You’ve never been intentionally tripped on campus, have you? That is something that every Duke student has to worry about when walking around campus. Tripping runs RAMPANT at Duke. Count your lucky stars.

No. 11 Seed in March Madness but always No. 1 in our hearts!


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