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Block Party 2018 Convinced Us That Gucci Mane is Otto the Orange

With Block Party now behind us, everyone is hating on themselves for buying two floor tickets and trying to sell their extra for $150. People are too distracted with recent controversies (cough cough — fuck you Theta Tau) to look into the real problem: the true identity of our beloved Otto the Orange. The Black Sheep has recently made a breakthrough, and the answer had been right under our goddamn noses this whole time. Hidden in plain sight, within the Block Party Lineup, there it was. Otto the Orange is none other than Gucci Motherfucking Mane. Don’t believe us? Keep reading, fool. 

4.) Have you ever seen Gucci and Otto in the same place at the same time?:
Yeah, didn’t think so. Some may say this is just a coincidence, we say it’s hardcore proof that they are one in the same.

3.) They both share a favorite form of transportation — Razor scooters: 
In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Gucci said, “Hell yeah, I love razor scooters. I just zoom around, I go so fast it’s crazy. All these other rappers talk about sports cars, but can they put a little basket for all their diamonds on the front of a Ferrari? I think not.” At first, we thought this was kind of weird, especially because the interviewer was asking him about his new music, but then it hit us: Who else rides around on a razor scooter? Otto the Orange, that’s who. He is always speeding around on that little thing, almost like he is trying to hit us.

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2.) Body doubles took over Gucci’s duties when he was in jail: 
What about all the times Mr. Mane was in jail? (He’s been in there ten times to be exact.) Easy explanation: a body double. Gucci’s frequent collaborators include Waka Flocka Flame, 2 Chainz, and Migos, to name a few. Of course they would step in to help their old pal Guc Guc out as the mascot of a large university in upstate New York. Just imagine that — all three of Migos in the Otto suit at the same time! 

.) Otto’s new moves coincide with Gucci’s release from prison: 
Still don’t believe us? For example, Otto’s move where he takes his arms out of the arm holes and spins his whole body around really fast first debuted at the March 7, 2001 basketball game. This is right after Gucci Mane was released from prison for doing coke. People always say you learn new things in jail, and Gucci probably had a lot of time on his hands to practice. We were gonna ask his cell mate, Mike “Bone Cruncher” Wallace, but we were too scared. So you’re just going to have to believe us.

We tried to talk to Kent about all this, but he was a little preoccupied this week (once again, fuck you Theta Tau). We even got our hands on some unedited, makeup-free photos of Otto. And let’s just say this: The evidence is damning. The similarities are too big not to be a coincidence. 

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