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NCAA Investigation Begins on How Syracuse Got Tournament Bid

NCAA officials have launched an investigation into how Syracuse’s men basketball team—who had a 20-13 overall record, which included a losing record in the ACC—notched an 11-seed birth in the 2018 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, officials said on Monday afternoon. 

“Let’s lay out the facts: Louisville and Notre Dame both made it further in the ACC Tournament, and had identical or better records than Syracuse–how the fuck does this actually happen?” said NCAA president, Mark Emmert, to reporters on Monday. “Hey, I’m a guy who knows controversy–just Google me, ‘Mark Emmert’–but selection committee members, you pick Syracuse? Not even USC?” 

NCAA officials said they will focus their investigation efforts on last week’s game when Syracuse was dealt a 19-point loss against North Carolina. 

“It was just a terrible, no good game,” said an NCAA official, who requested anonymity out of safety as threats continue to pour in from Boeheim’s coaching staff. “This should’ve been a dagger in Otto’s fucking heart, and the city of Syracuse should’ve braced for six more weeks of winter. Instead, it was seen as just as a small mistake for Syracuse, and they got the bid–why?”

Yet, Syracuse’s head coach, Jim Boeheim, said that the investigation won’t prevent players from focusing on their upcoming play-in game against Arizona State on Wednesday. 

“Listen, if there’s one guy who knows investigations, it’s me,” Boeheim said, referring to that time he was suspended for nearly a half-season like three years ago. “You can’t let them get to you. My guys’ mediocre and undeserving playing this season is just the way the NCAA works: in deep, hypocritical, and ambiguously mysterious ways.” 

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