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Press Release: The Black Sheep Can Say For Certain Its Satire Better Than Theta Tau’s

The Black Sheep, a college media publication that once infamously blew through 24 creme brulee JUUL pods in a record-breaking 48 hours, said on Thursday they have a 100% better understanding of what satire is compared to now-expunged Theta Tau fraternity, who claimed its racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, and all-around offensive language caught on video was “satire.” 

“Which one of you was supposed to be the Kate McKinnon?” asked one TBS staff writer said, making a comparison to beloved skit television show, Saturday Night Live. “The one using offensive language against Jewish people, or the one using offensive language against African Americans? Or was it the one who pretended to be a disabled person? Or, wait, was it the one who called people homophobic slurs?”

In an official apology, the brothers of Theta Tau claimed that their behavior was merely a satirical skit and roast, adding it was meant to poke fun at one of the older brothers.

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“This whole thing is pretty shitty, if you ask me,” said another member of TBS staff, who was in the process of writing a groundbreaking article titled, “Top 5 Places to Shit on Campus.” “How about you let us, the actual journalists, do the satire and the dick jokes? I’m in Newhouse for fuck sake.”

Satire, and intolerance and bigotry, are two “hella different things,” the staff member continued. “It’s very easy to make fun of people without being a complete asshole. For example, we could say that all members of Theta Tau have no lives and little dicks. See? No harm, no foul.”

The Black Sheep is a college media and marketing company that believes satire shouldn’t have to be explained. 


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