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Top 5 Spooky Similarities Between Syracuse and Halloweentown

It’s Halloween at Syracuse University, and you can’t escape that trademark SU spirit. Beyond Halloween though, have you ever thought about the fact that SU is way too much like the 1998 made-for-TV classic, Halloweentown? As a matter of fact, SU might just be the real thing. Take a look at these 5 spooky parallels that’ll make you question if you’re getting your degree from a prestigious private university, or a fictional Disney Channel Original Movie location.

5.) Speeding buses with riders that make you uncomfortable:
If you live on, or have ever been to, South Campus, you know that the bus ride can be pretty wild. With the driver treating the winding roads of South Campus like their personal race track, and a bus packed with all of your least favorite people, it’s never a dull, or very comfortable moment on your way to or from South. Sound familiar? It’s probably because it’s literally the same bus as the bus to Halloweentown! Just splash some orange paint on it, add some ramps onto the roads and you’ll be on that same Halloweentown bus flying high down Comstock Avenue.

4.) Cab/Uber drivers devoid of life:
If you’ve ever hopped in an Uber or any of the amazing one to two-star taxi options Syracuse has to offer, you’ve probably encountered a cab driver or two who has lost all life once present in their body. Whether it’s because they drive almost slow enough to get you to your destination late, or because they don’t say a word from the moment you get on to the moment you get dropped off a few feet past your destination, you can’t help to wonder if there’s any life left in them. They’re kind of like Benny, Halloweentown‘s own cab driver. You can argue that Benny is alive on the inside and dead on the outside, which is the reverse from Syracuse drivers, and that Syracuse drivers only occasionally make puns about human bones, but the resemblance is uncanny!

3.) Some girl named Marnie (probably?):
The undergraduate population at SU is around 15,000. While it can’t be confirmed that some student’s name is definitely Marnie, would you really been able to deny it? Exactly. Somebody named Marnie goes here (probably) and you can’t say that’s not one spooky similarity.

2.) Orange is all over the place:
This one is just too obvious. Watch Halloweentown again, and see if you notice any particular color throughout the movie. Find it yet? Spoiler alert: it’s orange. The school bus, Marnie’s dress, and the pumpkins: all orange. Yeah, pumpkins and oranges are different orange fruits, but who are you kidding? Both Halloweentown and Syracuse University have a suspicious amount of orange everywhere you turn. How could you not see it before?

1.) Everybody is super into Halloween:
Have you ever met an SU student who isn’t really into Halloween? No. Finding someone on good terms with their roommate because they’re not arguing about what their group Halloween costume is going to be, or someone who isn’t actively thinking about what people are going to think of their costume this year in comparison to last year’s is damn near impossible. SU and Halloweentown are one and the same.

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