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5 Sexy AF Staircases At Syracuse You’ll Want To Walk Up & Down ALL NIGHT LONG

Syracuse University is renowned for many things, but the top reason why everyone chooses Syracuse is because of its sexy ass stairs. Everything from their architectural forms to their hot concrete linings, these stairs have got it all. But how do you choose your favorite? The Black Sheep has ranked the top 5 sexiest stairs on campus, so you don’t have to make the tough decisions.

5.) The faculty stairs:

It’s kind of like a stairway to heaven, if you don’t really think about it. Instead of a stairway to eternal bliss, it’s a stairway to a good-sized portion of tortellini in a bubbling bath of hot tomato oil. Heaven, tortellini, same thing at this point. Aside from when you have $0.92 left on your SUpercard, this stairway is looking pretty damn sexy.

4.) The promenade stairs:

Truly just put here for feng shui. No one ever uses them, but honestly that’s what gives them the charm. There’s something quite special about a stair that’s never been staired upon (maybe even stared upon?). The salt stains also just add to the you-want-me-but-can’t-have-me appeal.

3.) The Psi U stairs:

These are a bit steeper, but at the end of the day does steepness matter? Lucky for the tenants of this architectural conundrum, they have two (2) sets of stairs they can climb: concrete beauties straight to gray, wooden babes. Where can we a sign a lease?!

2.) The Life Sciences stairs:

Think of it as the bosom of Syracuse University, the life giver, the caregiver, the real MILK of SU. These stairs open a wonderful array of opportunity, and maybe even a few recitations for your entirely unrelated ETS classes. These stairs offer a lavish and quite shiny handrail to caress on your way inside. But remember: don’t wash your hands after! Life sciences wouldn’t play you like that with all those germs.

1.) The Bird stairs:

Maybe the sexiest of them all. These steps offer a quick escape route if you’re looking to get out of that much dreaded study session. These are easily the most painful stairs to fall down, so keep that in mind for your next itch to inflict a broken leg. Rumor has it these three people climbing up the stairs have actually been rooted there and turned to stone for the rest of time. Go check ‘em out!

Go get off to some stairwells around campus! You will not be disappointed.

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