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SU Chancellor on ‘Social Blackout’ Following Dinner Gone Wrong

Syracuse University Chancellor Kent Syverud was put on “social blackout” by the Interfraternity Council (IFC) for the next two weeks following an unregistered event that Syverud describes as “a celebration dinner gone terribly aweso—I mean, wrong.”

Ever since Chancellor Syverud briefly resided in the Brewster, Boland and Brockway (BBB) complex during the winter of 2013, he aspired to immerse himself fully into Greek life. Seeing the residents of BBB stumble in and out of the building to party at fraternity houses inspired Syverud to create the Alpha Chapter of his own fraternity.

He created Kappa Epsilon Nu Tau (KENT), of which he is the sole member, and its sole purpose is to integrate Syverud into the culture of Syracuse University’s campus.

“The joy on their faces as they walked out the residence hall’s doors, and the way they held each other up at their lowest points as they walked back in shortly after is what made me realize that Greek life is integral to the student experience here at Syracuse University,” Syverud said. “I knew that I wanted to continue to foster that enthusiasm and unity, and what better way than to become a fraternity myself?”

During the fall semester of the 2017-18 academic year, Syverud’s dream came true. However, things took a turn for the worse when he tried to kick the year off with a celebration dinner.

“I typically host dinners for organizations on campus, so I didn’t think much of it when I sent out a listserv to all students inviting them over to my residence for a similar event,” Syverud said. “But I now realize that it was a costly mistake.”

A costly mistake indeed. Not only did Syverud forget to register his event with the IFC, but his event failed to remain under the radar as hundreds of students turned the chancellor’s dinner into what one student, who prefers to remain anonymous, described as a “fucking banger.”

Students who attended the event detailed games of flip cup in the chancellor’s dining room, inebriated dancing on the elevated surfaces of the property, and shotgunned Keystone Light beers littered on the lawn among other instances of vandalism. The portion of the residence that students stayed away from the most was the chancellor’s wine collection, which remained fully intact as none of the wines were boxed or bagged.

Later in the night, in an attempt to take control of the situation, Syverud attempted to close the doors of the residence, much to the dismay of groups of freshman boys who claimed they were planning to rush KENT in the Spring, holding onto twenty dollar bills taken out of the ATM machines of their residence halls’ lobbies.

Students have told The Black Sheep that they are incredibly satisfied with the chancellor’s contributions to the social scene of the university. The magnitude of the party was such that the The Princeton Review is said to be considering bumping Syracuse University’s party school ranking up to the number one spot in 2018.

Syverud, however, was not thrilled.

“I am incredibly ashamed. This is not an event I believe reflects the values of the university as a whole, and we must all aim to do better in the future” Syverud typed out in an e-mail draft, while simultaneously googling, “popular horderve options at frat parties?”


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