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5 Syracuse Financial Aid Holiday Deals You Do Not Want to Miss

You’ve made it to the holiday season, and as a student at an expensive private university nearing the end of the semester, you don’t have a ton of money to spend. Plus, you probably have a Bursar bill to pay soon. You’re stuck deciding whether you’re going to use those quarters for laundry or for an ugly, yet tasteful, Christmas sweater to wear to your last party of the semester. The Black Sheep is here to tell you that you don’t have to stress about your finances anymore! We have the inside scoop on all of the best Syracuse Financial Aid package holiday deals for your next academic year.

5.) $60,030 in loans:
Now, this may just look like a shit load of debt covering the cost of attendance, with an extra $30 thrown in, on the surface. However, that additional $30 is actually for your next handle of liquor just cheap enough so that you don’t immediately regret buying it, and just expensive enough so that you don’t immediately regret drinking it. The financial aid office sure knows what the students need! Now, when you’re stressing out about how you’re going to pay back your student debt, you can take a swig from an appetizing handle of Strawberry Lemonade Svedka. Perhaps you may opt to sip on a nice Admiral Nelson and Pepsi cocktail to help ease the pain! Talk about savings!

4.) $30K in loans plus one FREE football season pass:
Does it even cover tuition? No! Instead, you score a season pass to all seven of the Syracuse Orange football home games! Take some time off from crying about how your loans will inevitably take over your post-grad life, and take a trip to the Carrier Dome to watch Syracuse beat a top-20 team or two, and then subsequently crash and burn for the rest of the season for free! Touchdown!

3.) 30 BOGO coupons to any Marshall Street location of your choice:
This one doesn’t cover much of anything, per se, but it does give you some aid financially. With this deal, you get one buy-one-get-one free coupon for any Marshall Street location for every week of the year. Need to get your friend from out of town into DJ’s, but can’t afford the twenty dollar cover after 10:30 p.m.? Use a coupon! Can’t decide whether you want a BBQC or CBR calzone at Calios? Might as well get both for the price of one! With thirty of these bad boys, you’ll never have to pay full price on a night out ever again. Cheers!

2.) Pocket warmers, and one SU cap or beanie:
You won’t be getting a lot of help with your bill here, but the package is worth more than it seems. This deal won’t just help you get through the relentless Syracuse winters—it’ll also consistently keep heat evenly distributed throughout your body. While the $6 million heated sidewalk warms you from the bottom up, your hat will warm you up from the top down! Better yet, your pocket warmers will warm everything in between! You can’t say you’re not fully covered by this package!

1.) Good conversation:
Call the Financial Aid Office between now and the moment you graduate. Receive great conversation in return for years at no cost. Boom. It’s as simple as that!

‘Tis the season, orange friends!

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