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SU Grandparent Still Unclear on Results of SU vs. Clemson Game

On Friday night, the Syracuse Orange upset the number two team in the country, the Clemson Tigers, and although a majority of those in attendance left the dome with a sense of pride for the Orange, there were a few, older family members from Parents Weekend who were unsure as to what had occurred. One Syracuse grandparent, Mrs. Wilson, is unclear to this day about what the outcome of the event was.

“My grandson told me to root for the Orange, but they both looked like the orange team to me,” Mrs. Wilson said, who asked that The Black Sheep refer to her as Mamaw Wilson. She continued to clarify her confusion, saying that “their scores were the same practically the whole game.”

The historic game coincided with Family Weekend at SU, resulting in over 40,000 seats in the Carrier Dome being packed with not only students forced to buy football tickets because they actually wanted basketball season tickets, but also the parents who paid for said tickets, among other family members. 

Mamaw Wilson was among those elderly patrons who had difficulty comprehending the game. 

“It was so loud I could hardly hear anyone say who scored what,” Mamaw said. “People were getting hurt on the field, and then I couldn’t stop thinking about whether or not they were eating. Those poor kids need some real food. This college doesn’t serve great food.”

When asked about how she felt about the outcome of the game, Mamaw Wilson told the The Black Sheep that she was “devastated,” adding that “the fans took to the field to riot. All over a game? It’s okay for Syracuse to lose sometimes. Especially if it’s only the number two team that they’ve faced. There will be other games!”

The Black Sheep informed Mamaw Wilson that the Syracuse Orange did, in fact, win. Nonetheless, she was not impressed with the university as a whole. To summarize her experience at SU over the weekend, all Mrs. Wilson had to say was “it’s too cold.”

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