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Syracuse Vice President Seeking Help For Construction Update Addiction

It looks like mumps aren’t the only thing to worry about on campus. Syracuse Vice President and Chief Facilities Officer Peter Sala was put on paid administrative leave and is now seeking help due to erratic behavior resulting from his addiction to composing construction updates.

Sala was named Chief Facilities Officer two years ago by Chancellor Kent Syverud, the origin of what many sources within the faculty of Syracuse University believe started it all.

“This is all my fault,” Syverud said. He continued, holding back tears and saying that the updates were “just one responsibility of many, but Pete took them to another level” and that he “didn’t know it would get to this point.”

Sources close to the Sala family say that Sala’s addiction is tearing his life at home apart. There are reports of Sala not coming home at night, and being found staring at construction sites around the city of Syracuse for hours at a time instead.

During a family outing to the beach, Sala reportedly live-tweeted detailed updates of his son’s sandcastle construction. Neighbors told The Black Sheep that they hear Sala and his wife argue constantly as a consequence of his addiction. On one night in particular, neighbors reported hearing Sala’s wife screaming at the top of her lungs, telling him to update her on when he was going to rebuild their marriage.

Despite the issues that arose from Sala’s addiction, he never sought help himself. It was his fellow faculty members and his family that drove him to do so after he tied himself to the steps of Hendricks Chapel late one night because the construction team was running ahead of schedule, invalidating his August construction update e-mail.

Sala was heard screaming “You can’t do this to me. You can’t turn me into a fraud. This is my fucking legacy. I have nothing without it. Nothing!”

Sala was eventually dragged away from the chapel by the Department of Public Safety.

Syverud told The Black Sheep that he hopes Sala gets the help he desperately needs and can return to Syracuse University as the man he once knew. Until then, Syverud will be sending out the construction updates as the interim Chief Facilities Officer.

In fact, it seems Syverud is getting an early start, already typing out “Dear Orange Friends” in an e-mail draft with the subject line, “November Construction Update.”


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