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A Spooky Map of the Spookiest Places at Syracuse University

It’s no joke that Syracuse is one of the happiest places on Earth. It’s like Disney World, except with an extreme shortage of mom’s ramming strollers into your ankles and with significantly more PowerPoint presentations. But what doesn’t come to mind is how spooky Syracuse University really is. Halloween is just around the corner, and The Black Sheep got all the dirt on the spookiest places at Syracuse University: 

6.) South Campus:
Let’s not kid around. South Campus is the prime location for any filming of the next-worst horror film. South Campus is the pre-war-looking bomb shelter that was built and abandoned for a scare that never actually happened. After the clown scare that was rampant on campus just a year ago, students elected South Campus as the most reasonable place for murder men wearing drastic stage makeup to be hiding. Coincidence? I think not.

5.) Carrier Dome:
Nothing says “spooky” quite like “Syracuse University Football.” The lack of any sort of title in any of the previous years has left the Carrier Dome a barren ghost town. Poltergeist activity is at an all time high as Ernie Davis rolls over in his grave watching all these white boys try to throw a ball.

4.) Booth Hall: 
There really cannot be a dorm this dumb looking and inconvenient that is NOT haunted.

3.) Schine:
Monday through Friday, Schine reaches its peak spook levels when the snack wrap station closes for the day. Tumbleweeds and distant howling wolves have been reported in the vicinity after the hours of 3 p.m. when our valiant snack wrap warriors seal the bags of tortillas for the day. Enter at your own risk after that.

2.) Oakwood Cemetery:
There’s nothing quite like an archaic cemetery that borders a beautiful campus. It’s like the poorly made icing that you asked your aunt not to put on the cake. The structures themselves in the cemetery are so creepy that it’s easy to forget there are dead corpses chilling within! Ghost sightings are pretty much guarant–er, well, you’ll at least see the BBB freshmen experimenting with weed for the first time.

1.) Thornden Park:
This is the place to go if you’re really in the mood to flirt with death. If walking the fine line between “not being attacked” and “being attacked” is something in your itinerary, a trip to Thornden Park should definitely be on the list. Thornden Park played a crucial role in the brutal story The Lovely Bones, much like DJs played a crucial role in the loss of your nine IDs.

You know what to do now! Throw on those hastily thrown together Halloween costumes and hit up each one of these spooky destinations!


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