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Interview With Victoria Patti, the Girl Who Freaked Out at Her Professor

The Black Sheep did some capital “J” journalism and direct messaged Victoria Patti (@victoria_patti) on Twitter after a video of her freaking out at her professor went viral (it was all an act, though some on social media did not think so). Here’s what she had to say: 

The Black Sheep: Did Coplin (the professor who cut up her “fake” ID) approach you about flipping shit for fun in his class? Do you have any background in flipping shit?

Victoria: I was a TA for Coplin the spring semester of my freshman year and he always asks an old TA to do the ID thing. He emailed me about a week or so before I came back to syracuse. I personally think we’ve all had flip outs lol, but I have never spoken to a prof or a teacher like that lol. 

TBS: What’s the point of the flipout? Did it go according to scene?

V: The flip out is honestly to get people’s attention so they see PAF is not a regular class where the prof teaches and you listen. You engage and you can talk about your honest opinions without judgement.

TBS: Describe how cool it was to scream “fuck” at a professor a bunch of times.

V: Honestly Coplin is so chill that it was funny to me because I would never use that type of language in front of anyone, but if it was going to be any prof, I’m glad it was him because he knows me well!! Everything went so well I thought I’d burst into laughter. Clearly it went better than I thought because out of all the times he’s done this in class I’m the one who goes viral lol. 

TBS: Are you under 21? If so, do you have a fake?

V: I’m 19, but I’m not telling u if I have a fake haha sorry. 

TBS: What kind of reactions have you received on social media?

V: I have gotten so much more social media attention people started tagging me on the barstool video (which had over a million views last time I checked) because my close friends at school knew I did it and then my friends from home, their friends from school, and it just kind of blew up. Twitter moments posted it on Twitter and tagged me — that’s how my twitter presence increased.

But you can’t really tell it’s me in the original video so I guess people figured it was me when I was tagged. Most of it on instagram was surprisingly negative because people fail to get the whole story before making assumptions so a lot of it was like “this psycho bitch, what a spoiled brat, a c***,” that type of shit.

I tweeted a few of my personal fave comments!! lol, and on Reddit everyone was making fun of my voice because it’s really raspy (but I actually have vocal nodules lol that’s why). But obviously, once people realized it was a joke it started to get more positive and a lot of the reactions I got on twitter were complimentary and sweet.

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