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Does Capriccio Sangria Really Get You That Drunk?

There’s a lot of hype on Twitter right now surrounding this Capriccio Sangria shit. Some people have even claimed it’s like a fancy Four Loko, others have said it has them feeling like Beyonce. Either way, we had to give it a try to see whether or not it would live up to the potential.

Watch and see what happens after we each sip on two bottles of these bad boys to prove that we are the supreme rulers of all booze and nothing, not even this Capriccio Sangria, is enough to get us good n’ drunk… or is it?

The general consensus of this stuff is that, if you’re looking to get fucked up, this will do JUST THAT. Don’t believe us? Like we said, take a look at what people are tweeting about:

The hype got us too, girl.

We love a man who’s up for a challenge, and who can commit. 

This was pretty much how we were feeling afterwards too.

Honestly, very relatable.

A 4-pack of Capriccio Sangria is only like $13.99, which is interesting because that’s also the percentage of alcohol in each tiny, tiny little bottle. Hmmmmm? Sounds like some good marketing. It’s definitely strong, but it tastes like 1,000 different fruits, so who’s really paying attention, right? If you’re having trouble finding where to buy it, you should just start calling every liquor store in a 15 mile radius of your apartment. Or, we hear World Market sells it, so if you’ve got one of those in your neighborhood you’ll be just fine.

If you’re planning on drinking Capriccio Sangria anytime this summer (or anytime ever), then be prepared to get a little tipsy. If you’re good at drinking get yourself a whole 4-pack, if you’re not that great at drinking stick to just one and share the rest with your friends so you’re not puking on your favorite shoes or waking up on the kitchen floor with a chicken tender in your hand.

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