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Episode 23: “What would you do if you had a dick for a day?”

Mackenzie & Addie met Chicago comedian Merrit Landsteiner (@merritlandsteiner) at a Halloween party a couple of weeks ago, and invited her to be on this week’s episode of Talk of Shame. She joins us to debate what you would do if you had a dick for a day, explains why disposable cameras are so funny, and we reopen the discussion on how guys literally have no idea what they’re doing when they go down on you.

Listen to the dang thing right here:


See Merrit hosts her show Hot Dish Comedy this Saturday November 11, at North Bar (1637 W N Ave). Tickets are $5 at the door, and you can catch it again on December 2. All the details are here:

Also, if you’re into Curb Your Enthusiasm, check out her podcast Social Assassins here –> @socialassassins

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