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We Played Edward Fortyhands, BUT WITH WINE

After discovering that there’s a company out there that sells forty ounce bottles of rosé, (appropriately called Forty Ounce Wines) cohosts of podcast Talk of Shame Andrea & Mackenzie, decided the only obvious thing to do was to drink them, but not in the way that you might think. 

It seemed pretty clear that the best way to consume 40oz of rosé was to put a twist on the classic drinking game of Edward Forty Hands, and duct tape a bottle to each of their hands and settle in for a long game of what they were later told is properly called ‘Amy Winehands.’


Before entering the ring of certain death, both Andrea and Mackenzie claimed that this was the first and only time they’d ever been afraid to drink wine. Learning that each bottle was only about 33 ounces put them a bit more at ease, considering that’s just over 2 and half bottles of wine whereas two full 40s would have been just over 3. 

Either way it seemed as though things would end badly (and they did), but that didn’t stop them from spiraling into a rosé haze of tearing open string cheese, and catching gummy bears in their mouths before their caretaker, Diane, had to shuttle them in Ubers home. (Shout out to Diane for being a real gem.) 

If you want to see what Amy Winehands with Forty Ounce Wines looks like, you can watch the video here, and subscribe to Talk of Shame on YouTube to see what else Andrea & Mackenzie will be up to.

Oh hey, you should also listen and subscribe to Talk of Shame if you’re looking to hear some more of what these idiots are up to.


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