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On this week’s episode of Talk of Shame Mackenzie & Andrea leave the comfort of their studio to go get drunk on stage at their very first live show. Yes, you read that correctly. These fools were invited to host their podcast LIVE at Chicago’s Beat Kitchen. The two both agreed that the show went really well, and they had a lot of fun, but neither of them can really remember what happened after their guests showed up, but it definitely involved sex with Jesus.

(It had nothing to do with all the whiskey gingers they drank, just everything to do with recounting getting a bloody nose during sex in front of strangers and friends a like). 

As fate would have it, the Uber they were taking to the show bumped into the Uber in front of them literally 3ft after they left for the event. They were fine, but like damn, talk about an INCONVENIENCE.

Talk of Shame went on stage following another Chicago podcast, Alternative Facts Chicago. (Hosts Brian Hun and Brittany Chan talked Kanye tweets, and lots and lots of football with their guests from The D and Davis Show). They talked about the aforementioned bloody nose experience, and wether or not that’s something that counts as a sex injury. They also debated why people post weird things on their dating profiles. Like dude, you’re not doing yourself any favors just posting pictures of knives. 

After that was when the fun REALLY started. Super cool, super fun guests Meggie Gates, a contributor at Reductress, and Chicago comedian Merrit Landsteiner joined Andrea and Mackenzie to talk about what sex with Jesus might be like, and whether or not foot fetishes are the new eating ass.

They definitely dished over a few other topics before the night ended, but like I said before, we both kinda blacked out and have been to scared to tune into the episode since. SO, let us know how it turned out!! 

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