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What Do Those 12-Year-Old Kids Do in The Fort on Saturday Night?

If you’re one to walk around the Fort all hours of the night on weekends, you might see two 12-year-old boys who are probably up to no good. They’re always there! In no way nearing their teenage years, these children walk around doing things that they think are totally badass. And, for being 12, you gotta admit trying to hang around a bunch of college kids is pretty badass, and something their parents probably wouldn’t approve of. But that left us wondering: what do they do all night?

5.) Smoke stolen cigs: 
You have to be intimidated by these kids. How it probably goes down: they grab two of their parent’s cigarettes and proceed to light them up in hidden places in the Fort. Mainly back alleys. Sometimes, they may ask college students for lighters because they forgot to steal their parents. Total badasses. Watch out for these kids.

4.) Share a beer together: 
These kids have also been seen drinking a beer around campus. Where do they manage to cop a beer? Nobody knows. They must be pretty hard if they’re already drinking beer and you’re still looking for a place to party. 

3.) Catcall because they don’t have post-pubiscent fear: 
These young men have no fear in their lives, and as they holler out things like, “Nice!” and “Woah!” to attractive girls in the Fort, you’ll be wondering where and when you lost your game. On top of that, they don’t even care if these women are with a guy or not! Watch out during your date parties, fellas.

2.) Break things because destruction is neat: 
It’s always fun to break things. Who doesn’t enjoy just throwing a glass bottle from the trash can on the ground and ruining the day of some poor driver? It makes you wonder if people are heartless, or if they’re 12 years old and don’t have fully-developed brains yet. It’s almost like they grew up in the streets without no heart.

1.) Stay out late:
This one’s pretty obvious—they’re out in the Fort on a Saturday night. They probably just got done with their super-hard homework, which, if you remember sixth grade, was some pretty tough shit. They need to let loose! They need to run around till 3 a.m.! No responsibilities must be nice.

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