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6 Graphs that Describe UTK Student Life

Over the past several years, The Black Sheep has conducted extensive research into campus life here at UTK. Presented here, in brightly-colored and easily shared graphs, are the results of those very scientific surveys.


Is there nothing that parking services will not shut down lots for? “Gee, I heard that the Wilson family might tour campus today; we better shut down G5 with no notice — and, by God, we will tow!”


Does UT slowly drain our Flex Accounts or is it just the over-priced, easily accessible snacks on campus? Regardless, we have yet to meet a UT student who has any Flex Dollars left after Thanksgiving break.


We will never understand the desire to travel to campus, hustle for a computer in the Commons, and then watch Netflix or YouTube or…porn. You know other students can see what you’re watching, right?


Now that The Black Sheep has moved to online-only, there’s really no reason to accept handouts from anyone on Ped Walkway. If you ask us, just skip Ped entirely. Take a detour through HSS or Hodges if you have to. Bonus — they’re air conditioned and traveling around Ped Walkway will greatly reduce your chances of punching a street preacher.



There’s statistically a better chance of winning the state lottery than there is of winning the student ticket lottery. And that’s when the site is working and you’re able to enter the lottery in the first place. It’s almost like UT has a vested interest in keeping seats available so they can sell them for a higher price…


By mid-October, no one cares anymore.

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