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6 Ways to Cope with the Loss of Jalen Hurd


News broke recently that current Tennessee Volunteer running back Jalen Hurd has made the decision to transfer to a different school to play. Many Volunteer fans have reacted with anger or frustration, many claiming this to be the final straw in their relationship with the Vols. However, here are just a few ways that Vol fans may get over this break up.


6.) Ice Cream and Replays:

It’s okay, the pain is understood. Jalen Hurd provided numerous wonderful moments for the Vols. With that aside, the Vols will not perish in his absence. This is a good time to just sit down with that tub of Breyer’s and watch some old-school games and watch several other amazing running backs and realize that there are still plenty of other fish in the football sea.


5.) Bounce Back:

Time to dust off the late 90s suit and bring out the cheesy pickup lines, because it’s time for a trip back onto the dating scene. Tennessee is ready to push that reset button and wipe the memories (and the ice cream) away. Sure, there will be a few ugly Bettys at the bar that may send a wink, plus it’s no guarantee that anyone will look at all appealing quite yet, but that’s what alcohol is for. Lots and lots of alcohol. Eventually, some prospect will look like a Travis Henry.


4.) Get to Work:

So, the bar trip might not have worked in our favor. Instead of giving up and slinging a jersey onto the next guy in orange that walks by, though, it’s time for some more desperate measures. Maybe it’s time for Tennessee to take a deep breath and consider the fact that the problem might lie within itself. If that be the case, then it’s straight to the gym for some much-needed exercise!  Results may not come straight-away, but Tennessee should be used to starting slow.


3.) Reassure Ourselves:

Look in the mirror right now and begin to whisper the words, “Tennessee doesn’t need Hurd.” Repeat this over and over, slowly getting louder. Once the words have turned into horrifying screeches that would play during a Saw movie, allow that phrase to sink in as Tennessee puts on its sluttiest outfit and prepares to show off tonight.


2.) New UT:

Tennessee has worked hard and might just look better than ever! Time to show off that new body to some hot prospects. This time, though, it’s the hungry young dogs barking up UT’s tree. But Tennessee likes to play hard-to-get. Tonight, Tennessee is going to party, get drunk off its ass, light something on fire possibly, and attempt to completely erase any memories of Jalen Hurd. The Vols have a new man that treats them right.


1.) Celebrate New Times:

The party decorations and the vomit have been cleaned and Tennessee may have lost their pants at the party, but they don’t care, because they had fun doing it. Jalen Hurd is gone, but Tennessee isn’t worried because they are moving on and they don’t need him anymore.

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