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Inspiring! We Found The Best Bathroom Graffiti on UTK’s Campus

Everyone has had that feeling: That primal, uncontrollable urge to litter the bathroom walls with penises and poorly thought out insults, that carnal pleasure you get from writing “Ur gay” on the stall door in big black letters. However, for some, it is not enough to write something that simple. Some spend at least two minutes coming up with an idea to leave their mark on campus forever, or until the stalls get replaced. Here’s the best graffiti UTK’s students had to offer. 

6.) This political stance:

Even on the toilet, you cannot escape the terror of the 2016 election. In all honesty, it is good to see the student body organizing political discussion, even if the location is a little questionable.

5.) This math equation?:

If anyone wants to take a crack at writing a joke about this, be my guest. The Black Sheep staff were educated in math by counting the difference between burger prices at the Cook Out, so it is anyone’s guess as to what this as. Just…don’t do math in the bathroom. It’s strange.

4.) This debate on the ending of The Lord of The Rings:

It is truly amazing that a book written half a century ago continues to inspire young artists to discuss it’s ending. Indeed, the ending of The Lord of The Rings, while it could be a metaphor for death, causes people to question the higher powers of Middle Earth, and whether or not it is possible to achieve immortality. Truly great discussion is happening on campus, folks.

3.) Beautiful poetry:

This is not the only poem that can be found scrawled on the bathroom walls, but it is most definitely the best. It truly captures the human element of disappointment and failure and asks us to look deep into ourselves to question how we deal with our own failures—if we will allow them to hold us back from our dreams. “Here I sit, broken hearted. Came to (shit), but only farted.” Truly a modern day marvel.

2.) Biting peace proposals:

This optimistic piece delivers on the ideas of coexistence and comradery with two very different ideologies. It really gets the gears turning in your head while you curse your diet consisting exclusively of Panda Express Orange Chicken. But it can’t compare to this…

1.) This…statement?:

We have nothing to say. It’s just too beautiful for us to explain. We feel sorry for the blind, for they will never get to experience this modern masterpiece. Unfortunately, this isn’t some random made-up exchange between two people, but a reference to the song “Human” by The Killers, which is kind of sad, as now it seems less genuine. Still, it gets number one just for its original reaction.

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