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Wow! Butch Jones Has Been Coaching Another Team This Whole Time

Butch Jones is still (as of publication) the head coach at University of Tennessee, but will finally take to the University of Alabama sidelines this weekend to reveal the fact that he has been covertly coaching the Crimson Tide for the past five years, sources say. 

“The news that Butch has been coaching another team doesn’t really shock me,” said Tennessee Director of Athletics, John Currie. “Actually, it makes complete sense. Yet, with our mediocre success and slight chance at making a bowl game, I still place full trust in Butch’s coaching ability to bring down Alabama and give UT a W on Saturday.” 

Jones confirmed the report he’s been coaching behind enemy lines on Thursday morning, although rather cryptically. 

“Winning only matters if it’s off the field,” Jones said in response to the report. “I have built this program to what it is today, brick by brick, to show these boys how to be champions of life.”

Many of the students on campus seem shocked by the news that Butch has been working for the enemy all along.

“He really seemed loyal to the Volunteer mindset,” said one student. “Vols help Vols. I just can’t believe that he would do anything to hurt the program.”

Yet, some seemed to think that Jones working for another SEC team seemed pretty reasonable. 

“Butch Jones always seemed suspicious to me, you know? He was just too nice. And also c’mon—we suck,” said one UT student. “It’s always the nice guys that are hiding something. Why couldn’t he have been a serial killer or something? That’s way less bad than being a thrower. ”  

It’s unknown how this information is set to affect Jones’ career in the coming weeks, but Jones thinks that his unique approach to the game will shock UT fans this weekend. 

“If I can carry over the same kind of coaching that I’ve been doing for the Vols to the Crimson Tide, I really think that I can bring home a win for Tennessee this weekend,” Jones said. 


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