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Coaches Condemn ‘Fire Butch Now’, Saying Butch ‘Helps’ Their Programs

On Tuesday morning, “Fire Butch Now” was written on The Rock, but was quickly painted over. Yet, despite many Vol fans calling for Jones’ job, coaches across the SEC are condemning the “Fire Butch Now” scrawl, saying that Jones tenure as head coach at Tennessee is integral to the success of their programs. 

“I think I speak for the entire campus at the University of Florida when I say that Butch’s coaching has been an integral part of our program in the last few years,” said Jim McElwain, head coach for the Florida Gators. “Whoever wrote those harsh words on The Rock should be ashamed and should look at the strength of Florida’s football program to see Butch’s success.” 

Tennessee’s loss on Saturday reminded fans that Butch’s 9-4 record for the past two seasons, along with the fact that Tennessee has lost 5 of its last 7 SEC games, doesn’t make the coaching look great, but definitely props up other SEC programs.

“Butch has been a great addition to the SEC, and definitely takes the pressure off of us,” said Derek Mason, head football coach for Vanderbilt University. “Whoever wrote ‘Fire Butch Now’ on The Rock doesn’t understand Butch’s role in helping us win.” 

The Rock, a long held platform for self-expression, was covered up rather quickly by an official announcement from the Alumni Association, though Jones said he doesn’t mind the writing at all.

“So what if we lost to Florida?” Jones said in his office, as kicked a can of spray paint under his desk. “The real win, the only thing that matters, is that we remain the ‘Champions of Life.’ As long as I remain a Tennessee Volunteer, we will remain the Champions of the most important game. Life.”


Butch has helped our podcast too! 

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