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Georgia Hate Week, as Described by 6 UTK Tweets

It’s that time of year again where shitting on an entire state becomes not only acceptable but encouraged, where tequila and Twitter are the only two things that seem to be carrying UTK students through the semester. This is not something the The Black Sheep usually does, but extraordinary hate brings about extraordinary circumstances. Presenting, Georgia Hate Week, as described by 6 tweets: 

 An oldie but a goodie in meme-terms, but you know when it fits, it fits. Why do they bark? Our mascot is a dog too, but we don’t like to furry roleplay like you guys seem to. Calm down, please.

 Being real, no one here knows what the week is going to bring. Most people think Butch’s job is on the line, the Vols are wearing the smoky gray uniforms, and fans are checkering Neyland, aka the closest thing to a Hail Mary off of the field that UT has seen in awhile. The good news is that Georgia doesn’t seem to know how to handle that play (see: Juan Jennings 2016).

 The trash talk game is a little weak. All the Bulldogs seem to be able to focus on is an actual trash can. I mean yeah, we aren’t exactly hiding the can, but you could at least try to branch out with your trash talk. It’s hard to piss off UT fans with trash talk, though since we tend to talk more shit about our program than other people do.

 Nothing will ever beat crying, angry UGA fans in Athens. Look at that one guy about to throw something. Priceless. Nothing beats the reaction you get from an angry superiority complex. It’s like they don’t know how to be humbled. God bless.

 If you want to learn how to trash talk, then step into the dojo. Let the masters teach you. Making offensive signs and jokes is kind of our forte here. Whether or not we will the game on the field that’s debatable, but we will definitely win the trash talking game.

 If a Georgia fan ever feels like they have one-upped us, we have beaten them in the most glorious way possible: Smokey > Uga. Sure, it may seem childish to focus on pups, but damn Uga, you ain’t the prettiest now, are you?


We don’t like Georgia fans on this podcast. 

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