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5 Honest And Straight-Up Weird UTK RateMyProfessor Reviews

As we draw closer to the end of the semester, one thing is on everyone’s mind: which professors you hated. That’s why is a college student’s best tool, right behind those giant study guides people sometimes make on Google Docs. For the most part, RateMyProfessors can be used as a tool for students trying to understand and decide which type of professors to take. Some answers, however, are less helpful than others. We found some of the most honest and straight-up weird UTK reviews.

5.) Ma dood:

Well, there is a great place to start. This individual must have had a phenomenal time in class (with a masked stats professor, apparently) to give such a detailed, riveting review. Honestly, it’s hard to hate on the joy this person displays. He definitely seems passionate.

4.) The man:

Something must be going on in STAT201 because these students are apparently having the class of their life. This person, however, gives a subtler and quick, to-the-point approach. Kudos on style. Hey, what if these aren’t students and the mask-wearing professor is just gassing himself up?

3.) A fast road to an F:

Over in the humanities department, the reviews tell a different story. The caps truly signify the emotion in this student’s words. It’s a little vague, though. What exactly happened in Introduction to African Studies to send this poor soul on the highway to an F? This comment sends shivers down the ole’ spine out of pure, baffled fear. At least they told us we’d need the textbook.



2.) Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh:

At first glance, the expectation for this was just that of another disappointed student rant, but the ending is truly what earned this a spot. It’s the perfect blend of boiling hatred and pure love for the freedom now enjoyed by this student. This is truly the Land of the Free.

1.) Run:

This was probably the most unique of all the comments found. No real critique, no harsh words towards a professor, just…a warning. There may be students out there this very moment that will avoid a disaster, all thanks to this brave soul who either went through Hell or joined the track team. Thank you, brave soul.

It’s time to plan your schedule for next semester, so hopefully your RateMyProfessors experience will have more helpful information and less vague, ominous warnings. It’s always a good idea to check! Like, what if you had to take stats and you were afraid of masks?


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