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Lady Vols Logo Implementation Allows Women To Be Women Again

The University of Tennessee Athletic Department announced on Thursday that they will reinstate the “Lady Vols” logo,  allowing women athletes to be classified as women again after a year hiatus.

“I think I speak for all women’s teams at UT when I say it’s a great honor that John Currie [UT Athletic Director] has allowed us to be women again,” said Tennessee’s head women’s basketball coach, Karen Aston. “Being granted the permission to do anything, as a woman, by a middle-aged, white man is a storied tradition I’m proud to be a part of.”

After the 2015-2016 school year, every women’s program, aside from the women’s basketball team, at the University of Tennessee was branded under the “Power T” logo, forcing several hundred women athletes into gender oblivion.

“When Currie said we could no longer be classified ‘Lady Vols’ a few years ago, I finally knew what it meant to be a woman, and more importantly, a Vol,” said Sarah Reynolds, a junior field hockey player at Tennessee. “It’s an honor to be part of a program that makes strides for women when it interferes with the revenue forecast for University of Tennessee Athletic Department’s fiscal year.”

Lady Vol athletes, though still not allowed to wear shorts four inches above the knee during sporting events, and who must be accompanied home to and from practices by a “stronger, well-able man,” will begin showcasing the logo on jerseys immediately.  

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