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What Needs to Happen for a 6-Way SEC East Tie

The SEC has been quite the rollercoaster of emotions this season– even more so than usual. A big percentage of that definitely goes to the SEC East. Between major upsets, releases and departures (we still haven’t forgotten, Jalen Hurd), and overall shenanigans, the SEC East has provided a show for the viewers. Teams such as Kentucky and Tennessee are still riding Florida’s tail and with three weeks remaining in regular season, much can still happen. As a matter a fact, the almost impossible can happen – a giant stalemate. Not only a stalemate, but a 6-way tie! For the first time in history, every team in the SEC East could hold the exact same  record as the others, resulting in all 6 teams being the winner of the SEC East. Here is the scenario that would need to occur to make this fantasy warfare become a reality.


South Carolina would have to defeat Florida:
South Carolina defeating Florida could possibly be enough to take them out of the top spot in the division.

Kentucky would have to defeat Tennessee and Austin Peay:
Even though defeating Austin Peay may not seem like a big deal, it’s the Vols that make this a bit of a stretch.

Florida would have to sit out another game, due to a hurricane:
While the LSU game was rescheduled, history may repeat itself and finally give Florida the avoided confrontation so desperately longed for.

Tennessee would have to travel back in time and defeat South Carolina:
Josh Dobbs is a smart man. Who’s to say he has not already built a time machine in his dorm room? Sadly, this problem could have been avoided beforehand had that brain been more active during the actual South Carolina game.

Kentucky would have to remember that this is not basketball season:
When John Calipari, head coach of the Wildcats, learned that Kentucky was second in the SEC East at the moment, his reply was “but basketball season hasn’t started yet!” For his sake, one can hope that the rest of the team does not suffer the same confusion.

Missouri would have to actually move to the Southeast:
Quick geography lesson: Missouri is typically categorized as a Midwestern state. SEC stands for South Eastern Conference. Let those words sink in.

Vanderbilt would have to leave the SEC entirely:
In the immortal words of WWE legend Triple H: “Vanderbilt, best of luck in your future endeavors.” The fact is it’s not you, Vanderbilt, it’s…well, it actually is you.

Jalen Hurd would have to write a very convincing apology letter to Butch Jones and request his place back onto the team:
This one is probably the longest shot on this list, but alas, without Hurd, Tennessee cannot lose enough for even the thought of a 6-way tie occurring.

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