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6 Places in Knoxville That Desperately Need a Liquor License

College is a stressful time, especially with finals week approaching. So in response to that, have you ever been to some places in Knoxville and just really needed a drink? The Black Sheep got together and made a list of the places that just really need to sell liquor by the drink on and around our campus because, hey, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. And even if it’s not, who cares? 

6.) Gus’s Good Times Deli:
Name a more iconic restaurant around the university. Go ahead, try. There’s not a single one that compares to the history behind Gus’s. They can already sell beer, so why not just get a full-on liquor license? It just makes sense. They are already open until 3 a.m. and might as well turn into a full-blown bar. The food is great, but they need to step their drink game up.

5.) Hodges Library:
It’s exam season, boys and girls. You had best be prepared for long hours, slaving away behind the screen of your laptop. You deserve a drink after spending the entire day trying to remember an entire semester’s worth of notes. The solution to this is easy: all that has to happen is for Hodges to start serving refreshments.

4.) Cook Out:
Fast food is hit or miss for the most part, but what can’t be argued is that you need to be able to get a drink with your Cook Out tray when you’re there at 1 a.m . And there’s just something ever so enticing about a boozy milkshake late at night. Sure, it’s a ton of calories, but there’s something to be said about a fun drink.

3.) Walmart:
Tennessee needs to get with the times. They’re just now allowing wine to be in grocery stores around here, but they need to start allowing liquor. Beer and wine are nice and all, but sometimes you need something more effective than that, something a little stronger to wet your whistle with. Plus, the Walmart is really close to campus, and that’s the type of convenience that college students live for.

2.) Neyland Stadium:
Sure, the crazy super boosters can have alcohol after paying for their box seats, but what Tennessee needs is justice for the common man. If they’re going to disregard what the fans want in a new coach, then they might as well give the fans alcohol, so that they are able to make it through the game. It might make the fans more obnoxious than they already are, but it would definitely make for a good time.

1.) Any class at 8 a.m.: 
Professors, if you want to raise the attendance to your early morning classes, then the key is to market it properly. What better way to get kids in the classroom than offering a complimentary mimosa or a Bloody Mary at the beginning of the day? Anyone who is awake before 9 a.m. deserves a little bit of compensation anyway. It’s only fair.


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