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A Quest to Find the Most Expensive Textbook at VolBooks

It’s that time of year again, Vols. The birds are beginning to sing, the rain is beginning to pour, and mountains of backpacks are beginning to pile up in front of VolBooks. Have you ever looked at your booklist and wondered if it gets any more expensive than this? Probably. That’s why we’ve decided to risk crowds, bad vibes, and pissed-off security guards to answer a timeless question that probably didn’t really need answering in the first place: What is the most expensive textbook at VolBooks?

6.) Public Relations and Media Techniques (8th Edition):
Our journey begins at the end of the alphabet, because no one ever said that the layout of VolBooks makes sense. Initial investigation reveals no good reason for this cling-wrapped stack of papers to cost $125.95. You can’t resell it, it’s too flimsy for you to build a durable multi-million-dollar fort out of it, and you can’t get a job in public relations.

5.) Fundamentals of Digital Logic with VHDL Design (3rd Edition):
At just over $200, this Digital Logic textbook is arguably on the pricier end of the scale. But why? Published almost a decade ago, this blast from the past seems to be just a bit outdated in the fast-paced technology world. And while it includes ebook access, users of newer computers are out of luck – it comes with an authentic DVD.

Maybe you could resell it at an antique shop?

4.) Marketing Research (8th Edition):
If you woke up this morning thinking, “Wow, I really want to drop $261.75 on a textbook using the same cover design concepts as John Green,” you’re in luck! With this introductory textbook, which goes for around $20 as a used paperback on eBay, you can learn the ancient witchcraft of selling things. (Here’s a tip: it’s really good for your profit margin if college students are required to buy your product!)

3.) Pearson’s Federal Taxation, 2018: Corporations, Partnerships, Estates & Trusts (31st Edition):
At almost $300, you better hope this book points out some sweet tax loopholes for you (if you can read it, that is). Preliminary observations indicate that focusing on this book’s contents for more than a minute at a time can lead to dizziness, nausea, extreme boredom, and even loss of consciousness. On the plus side, this seven-pound tome can deliver enough blunt force trauma to make you forget how much you spent on it!

2.) Principles of Risk Management and Insurance (13th Edition):
Hopefully this textbook offers tips on how to handle the risk to your finances that comes with a $303 textbook. Cons: the high price-per-page ratio, the incredibly dry text, the fact that the 12th edition is $15 on Amazon. Pros: You can post a picture of the cover on your story with the skinny guy captioned “me” and the cliff captioned “my GPA.” The cute girl in your Accounting 200 section will probably think you’re moderately funny!

1.) Sheep Production Handbook (2015 Edition):
Bonus: Finally, some good value! And here you thought sheep basically produced themselves. This bricklike tome contains over a thousand pages of priceless secrets regarding the breeding, raising, and marketing of sheep. At only $100, that’s only 10 cents per page of up-to-date sheep-related knowledge. At The Black Sheep, we can really appreciate that.

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