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Summer Expectations vs. Reality

All of your hard work during the school year (or lack thereof) is about to be rewarded with a three-month long vacation (unless you’re one of those chumps that actually takes summer classes). But we all know that setting high expectations can crash and burn with the harshness of reality. So The Black Sheep has your back with our Summer Expectations vs. Reality.


Let’s be real; everyone wants to spend their summer lounging by the pool or getting a natural, excessive tan at the beach. The warm weather draws us outside and gives us piña coladas with mini-umbrellas, but there is a dark side to the blessings of warm weather. Brace yourselves… it’s called a job!


Whether you work at some slummy, minimum wage job or landed yourself an internship (more than likely unpaid), you won’t be enjoying the warm weather with everyone else. You’ll be confined to the inside of a dingy restaurant or a Staples, catering to the needs of the incompetent public. Even with the prestige of an internship, eventually you’ll be somebody’s bitch and have to make coffee runs and copy papers instead of playing beach volleyball.


At some point you’ll probably also make a “summer bucket list” with tons of super exciting things on it. Go camping, go to a baseball game, watch fireworks, build a sandcastle, and lasso the moon. It seems like a great idea, but sooner or later you’ll give up and opt to nap instead and stalk your college besties on social media from the confines of you bedroom.


You expect to spend time with your friends from high school too, but really, that ship has sailed. Everyone has their own agendas and, like it or not, they ain’t got time for you. At best you’ll probably go out to eat with them a few times, maybe stop by some sad excuse for a party, and hear everyone talk about how great their school is. So fun! Or you can just skip that bullshit and spend some quality time with your dog.


Expectations can also be deceiving when you choose to stay on campus for the summer. Before the semester ends it might seem like a foolproof plan: take a couple of classes, maybe get a job (see paragraph 3), hang out with your friends, and get trashed on the weekends. Right? Wrong. A solid majority of the people you know will definitely go home for the summer, so expect your friendship pool to severely diminish. Friends are slim pickings over the summer, so brace yourself for that Spanish class you forgot about and a lot of solidarity at your apartment’s pool.


Summers aren’t what they used to be. There’s work to be done as you prepare for the “real world.” Cringe. But don’t be afraid to let loose every once in a while and don’t be ashamed if you end up on Vol Blackout. That shit’s an honor, no matter what your mom says. It may seem that reality outdoes expectations every time, but go for the gold kids and have a great summer. We believe in you. But don’t call us if things go less than optimally.

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